Fryin' Time Blues

Grand Jury | 22.08.2006 | Blues Rock

Music,Vocal,mix-mast etc.-Juri Rosenfeld,
Horn arrangment,-Andy Dolgihh,lyrics,-Dawn Sinclair

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Fryin’ Time Blues
Lyrics:Dawn Sinclair/Music:Juri Rosenfeld

She Said - ‘Don’t love you’
I died - there and then
I’m fryin’ in this hell,can’t face the world again

She’s Gone - I’m left here
To face - ‘told you so’s’
I’m Dayin’ in this cell,I can’t face my mountin’ woes

She had no right to be my angel
To make me better than I am
And make me think that there’s a heaven
Then make love to another man

She said,- ‘ Don’t need you’
I died- one more time
I’m fryin’ cos - my angel got me doin’ the crime

The Prison walls are not my problem
I’m safer here than on the out
I Donit want all this fame and fortune
Just wanna Know what love’s About

She’s Gone to the devil
I helped her no choice
The only thing left is her accusin’ voice


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