Waking up at sunrise 01.02.2008


One dark december night I found a short demo of this piece while browsing my song archive. It turned out to be another "feel-good" song in the category of "smoother" and "easier". I tried my best to capture the feeling of those slow sunny mornings.

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Blues Rock

Until tomorrow 28.12.2007


Imagine a dancehall in the middle of a small village on the desert like in the old westerns. The wind is carrying the dust from east to west. On stage there are four ragged men playing: Drummer, bass player, vocalist with his old Martin and one more guitarist with his cream coloured telecaster. They're doing this song.

Long time passed with silence. Here is a new song. I wrote it recently in October and recorded it few days ago during the christmas holidays. Hope it'll bring some good vibrations to you.

Take care, Henri

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Lullaby for a lonely heart 17.07.2007


I wrote & recorded this song "on the road". Very minimalistic and acoustic soundscape: only me and guitar. Slightly blue too.

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Kassandrou 24.05.2007


A song inspired by very old, very long street in Greece. Rich harmonies&melodies. In other words: pure pop music.

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Better days 16.05.2007


Another song I wanted to write down and record in very short period of time. Featuring new acoustic guitar. Drums from Garageband.

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Helsinki Heinola 24.03.2007


Smooth, little bit jazzy pop song. This time lyrics are in finnish.

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White moon 01.01.2007


Slowly rolling tune. Brings some warm summer feeling in the middle of cold finnish winter. Enjoy!

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Big city streets 17.03.2007


Getting lost in the big city..straightforward, harmonic pop music with easy attitude.

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