Indaface | 14.01.2017 | Rap

This is part of a school project. Do not pay too much attention to it.

So I was supposed to make something up/
but this portfolio-nonsense makes my brain activity stop/
granted the freedom to decide what it was/
I grabbed my notebook and started to write down my thoughts/
I had forgot that I spit rhymes like a beast/
who came from the east to feast upon the diseased/
the fire I spit is so demonic you’ll need a priest/
oh look, my brain activity has increased/
last but not least there is a hundred things I’d rather do/
but to affect you I’ll have to perfect something you did not expect/
me to do like rapping about the stress of school/
which I won’t let overrule my mouth is like a power tool/
"so uncool" you say listening to this total fool/
who tries to obtain good grades with rap attempt to persuade/
my words should strike like an air raid/
or a burst of gamma rays that’s why I brought a kit of first aid/
to medicate the radioactive decay/
by the way I am seriously underpaid/
I cannot get this done by wednesday/
even with my similarities with einstein/
I’ll try my hardest though to complete this portfolio/
but if not I’ll quit school and go solo/
although there’s like two people who listen to my word flow/
so financially that would be a no-go/
this isn’t even my mother tongue can you believe that/
I’ve seen that you’ve been admiring me since I was young/
okay, maybe I’m not dumb/
but nevertheless among everyone else I’m just another someone

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