Let's Pentel Together

Janne Kuusinen | 11.08.2019 | Foxtrot

Dekadenttia kynäpornoa 1920-luvulta, säv. ja san. Cole Stout

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1.Well, here we all are, no fancy new car,
nor magical coke or fuzziest fur.
We've got plenty of more: let's pentel together!

2. These ultra-fine points: best possible joints
invite us to scribbling Shangri-La,
and of course also drawing: let's pentel together!

Well, well, well: our writing is gay.
Let's just get nasty and throw all our pencils away, way, way, way!


Now, now, now, here and today:
let's just get reasoned and dispose the leakers away, way, way, way!

3. Get rid of those sharp and ancient nibs
and expensive refill rapidographs.
Just you wait till we get to pentel together!

4. Heard they pentel in France, they pentel in bras,
and even in unstable weather:
come on, let's fight the vile world and pentel together!
Just sail away with our penmanship together!
Let's pentel together!


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