Alternative Rock

I Don't Know Much, But I Know This 11.04.2012


now i don't know, and it's hard to explain
but it seems like things are just kind of insane

so please leave a message just on my cell phone
and that guy on oh v is like a total asshole

who are you wearing girl tonight?
is it another celebrity fund raiser, right!

black ties are making the world seem right
how's your social tad aid?

i don't know much
i don't know much
but i know this
this shit is f*cked

Whoa i'll be waiting for
Whoa that day

and now we're rockin' in the tashdash
the genie's out of the bottle, and we can't put it back

all this stuff It's loading my brain
can you see the...

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Hit the Lights 12.04.2012


when the lights go out could you take me out with you?
and carry all this broken bones, i've been trading thru'

and highways i call home, is something i can't go
let me go, go on record baby, send me goodkiss good night

hide your eyes, we're gonna shine tonight
sub-automaticly its going be alright
we will light our ways but pls tell me how
tell me where we to go from here
hear me please

it reaches in and gonna tears gonna tears gonna your flesh apart
as a melting ice cold hands rip your solid heart
just try to smash them down turn headphones up up real loud
isn't funny how much we want...

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