Juha Järvinen | 30.04.2010 | Funk

@Thanks to all associating acts!

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Hello it's just me.
Did I mention already the attention this is gonna draw.
To the beat, well we're upbeat to the tempo this is gonna draw.
What's more, I know you don't need advise but this is gonna go, cause I know.
Just take a look at the floor.
O- oh. uh
Let's get it on on the way to my door it maybe your's too, should we consult the bouncer.
Merely business? That shit is non of my business boy.

*I hear you, see me, we're the same
You knew, I told you my name*

Now that we got it on, I'm gald we did yeah we got it on.
Dear It's getting late I know, Just say the word and I'll go.
If this was something you liked, we'll be seeing again some night I know.
Don't be a stranger, cause in a way strangers are low.

*I hear you, see me, we're the same
You knew, I told you my name*


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shinapetli 31.12.2010
Loistavaa meininkiä! :) Laulajal törkeen hieno ääni!
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aarof 31.07.2010
Ei hitto, skitson hyvä! Kertsin laulatya ja sovitus on oopiumia!
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Nidocus 30.06.2010
Hyvää jälkee poikaa! Hienosti kasattu kokonaisuudessa,

t. Da bomba broders!
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