Black Metal

Peace, Joy, Happiness 29.06.2016


Peace, Joy, Happiness

When you were born
Into this blackened world
When you were torn
Into this dark unholy world

You were never asked
If your life is worth living
And when you look back
You see the Black Wall
Of futures past

Peace, Joy, Happiness
All are denied from you
And you continue on
Forever without hope

Until the time you reach
The end of the night
When you never wake up again
When you never wake up again

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Black Metal

Only Darkness Returns 31.05.2015


Too drunk and tired to record good vocals, here are the lyrics:

Only darkness returns here
The sky had opened its tears
The old bastards still fight
Decapitate innocents to shock

Some people have not heard
the long call to nothingness...
Keep to yourself and that is it
in the fog of funerals to come

The burning times are never over
until you say it is in yourself;
what would you burn tonight
when your heart burns so bright?

Only darkness returns here
The light has died so long ago
Memories of pain live again
until death takes it away

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Black Metal

Twilight of Religion 05.01.2010


Born into a world with idiotic beliefs
We chose to rebel against the masses
Against all religions we shall rise
Until the twilight of all religions

Should a god be real, no religion is needed
For then those gods would make themselves known
All you need is belief in yourself and death
For in the end, death shall conquer us all

We stand free of false gods, false beliefs
There is nothing to lead us to perdition
We are armed against their mind control
There can be no path denied from us

It's the twilight of religion
The end of all madness, to all religion
The end to all belief, the release...

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Black Metal

When Your Death Ascends 23.01.2009


A follower of nothingness
A dreamer upon the shores
You are as a faint blasphemer
Upon the shores of death

When your death ascends
You become as nothingness
You never dreamt our vision
So brightly shining in our hearts

When the churches burn we laugh
Like it is the last laughter in the world
And thus it shall be, in our might
We laugh at your last weakling stand

The churches go down up in flames
And there shall be no survivors
The religious fools shall perish
And there shall be no survivors

When your death ascends
Your legacy becomes as death
You never dreamt our vision
To burn and...

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Black Metal

Maailma ilman tuskaa 22.11.2008


Kirkot on poltettu, tuhoomus on tuotu
Murhattu on uskonto ja turhat valheet
Halveksittavat valheet on poltettu
On vain ikuista raivoa, tuhoa ja tuskaa

Elämä tuottaa tuhoa ja tuskaa
Maailma tuottaa tuhoa ja tuskaa
Tämä maailma on kuin kuoleman ydin
Joka raivon hengessä teurastaa...

Ikuinen on se kärsimys jonka tiedän
Sen tiedät sinäkin kun katsot sieluusi
Se tyhjä ontelo jota elämäksi kutsut
Täytetty paskalla jota ihmisiksi sanotaan

Maailma ilman tuhoa, raivoa ja tuskaa
on kuin maailma ilman juutalaishuoria
Muslimeita ja kristittyjä, samaa sakkia
Maailma ilman tuhoa ja tuskaa

9   1 983 kuuntelua
Black Metal

Daemonic Hordes 11.07.2008


Inner daemons that burn the churches of the mind
A wailing banshee of a corrupted ancient horde

The realization of stagnation created by the blind
Bowing down before a castrated weak failed lord

The torches have only just been lit
The faint-hearted have only just joined the mob
In your mind another church must be lit
By the hellfire wherein daemonic hearts throb

Daemonic hordes that rise beyond the earth
The crown of destruction lives within us
Daemonic hordes that blaze beneath the world
The crown of destruction is us, lords of hell

Ruins within are us when the daemons are gone

9.5   0 931 kuuntelua
Black Metal

Satan's Eye Is Bright 10.06.2008


I beheld the eye in the darkness
In the darkness and the cold
I heard the voice from darkness
Of evil and of the cold

Ruined dreams, loveless world exists
Accept the downfall of all humanity
Satan's eye is bright in my mind
A loveless sickness eternal

A soul burning so very bright
In the end of all insanity
I beheld you die, I laughed at you
You never lived, I never lived

Satan's eye is bright, in this reality
It burns our hearts into blackened coal
A black metal dream, a future benighted
Why do they live, they are dead inside

10   1 875 kuuntelua
Black Metal

Swept Away 04.06.2008


Once I tasted the method to know what is true
I grew to know what is real and what is fantasy
You can't claim to know shit if you just drool
On and on about some ancient writings of fantasy

Prove to me you know why I do not believe
And I'll prove to you why faith is total shit
A road to understanding is through knowledge
Not through people or some drunken ancient shit

Swept away by the strength of this reality
Your feeble screams of sickening lies die
Swept away by the might of real information
Your feeble lies of ancient idiocy all die

10   0 768 kuuntelua
Black Metal

All That's Good 19.04.2008


Once I dreamt of a pure and beautiful way
A road to all light and goodness
That turned out to be so very wrong
I know now what I didn't so long ago

My eyes are opened, the shadow has grown so long
All good things have come to an end
My ears are bleeding, for they've been opened
All lies are gone, now I know the truth

All good things are come to an end
Only death now lingers in the corner of this time
All evil things are come to an end
Only silence echoes in the emptiness of this time

How ugly life is now when all is lost
How deep the remorse so futile
How ugly life is now when life is...

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Black Metal

Uskonto kuolee 06.04.2008


Löydät mielestäsi ehkä pohjaperukat ja mietit
Miksi pitäisi olla että uskonnon huorat vallitsevat
Miksi tyhjät sanat suovat toivoa ihmisille
Kun todellisuus on kaikkea sitä vastaan

Uskonto kuolee, todellisuus voittaa
Uskonto kuolee, ei huorille elämää
Uskonto kuolee, todellisuus voittaa
Pois tyhjät ajatusten huoraajat

He luulivat että polttamalla meidät he voittavat
Todellisuus on ikävää, aina löytyy tietoisia ihmisiä
He luulivat että vaientamalla meidät he voittavat
Todellisuus on julma, vahva ja vailla vertaa


He uskoivat jumaluuteen, he olivat...

10   2 885 kuuntelua
Black Metal

Perkeleen opetuslapsi 10.03.2008


Anna lasten tulla tyköni
Anna heidän kokea julmuuteni
Kylmä käsi opettaa murhaamaan
Yksi sairas silmä näkee sen

Vihavoima ja kuoleman suloinen tuoksu
Erhetys on vain tie tulevaisuuteen
Omalla voimalla Perkeleen tiellä
Erhetys ja elämä on oppia ikä kaikki

Olkoon Perkeleen opetuslapsi
Sinä joka sairaudesta nousitkin
Olkoon Perkeleen opetuslapsi
Sinä joka sielusi tuhoon annoit

Syöksy pimeyteen ja nouse kuin feeniks
Krokotiilin kyynelet olet jo oppinut
Raivaa tieltäsi turhat uskovaiset
Lampaista on vain villaksi ja teuraaksi

9.25   2 1029 kuuntelua
Black Metal

Winter Of The Mind 16.02.2008


The old one in a tower of decay
Seeking answers that none can say
Mindslayer arising from the id
Ripping apart the soul so decrepit

A deathlike silence
Echoing in this cold midwinter
A suicidal dreamer
Dying in this black midwinter

Cryptic thoughts at the awakening
Moonward journeys that fell short
Voices heard in the winds blowing
Through the dark thoughts cavort

-   0 809 kuuntelua
Black Metal

Total Human Holocaust 13.10.2007


The blaze in the northern sky our dream
So long ago forfeited by the loveless world
Unsanctioned by humanity, yet so very real
The dead trees are dancing in our hearts

It's the dawn of the total human holocaust
A lifeless wish against the depraved world
It's the dawn of the total human holocaust
A dreamless sleep; a wish to the northern sky

The brotherhood of the black blossoms of doom
Standing alone for a nihilistic endless gloom
Another holocaust beckoning for doom so soon
As the black fucking metal visions here loom

-   1 944 kuuntelua
Black Metal

As Serpents Here 13.10.2007


As low as you can imagine yourself here
in the deepening decrepitude of imagination
I know you were a human being a long ago
But I also know this death, of your loss

As serpents we are come upon the world
As wolves we are come to butcher humanity
Some fools believing in ludicrous things
Dreaming of the plague of our release

There is no life, nor shall there be a future
Too many years have passed since the funeral
Of all human understanding of what is real
So many years, ages ago, feel my heart wrenched

As shadows also we are come upon the world
While our secondary illusion was so long...

-   0 685 kuuntelua
Black Metal

Annihiliation of the Human Debris 28.09.2007


As some words are come inspired, some are from the past
A sought after knowledge of what he might say
If he had the view from nothingness, from the void
What would he see, and what would he say?

Annihilation of the human debris
The extinction of this failed mankind
Downtrodden sickness amongst the people
Who never wanted heroes, only death

If there was life beyond death, only ash remains
If there was hate beyond life, only dust remains
A long damnation of the self, and of philosophy
That has never grown a decent human being

A road that was strewn with crucified ones
A heaven that bled...

10   0 868 kuuntelua
Black Metal

Tulin pimeydestä 29.09.2007


Julma on se sana joka vihatusta muinaisuudesta tuli
Hän joka seurasi varjoja ja kieroa todellisuutta
Kolmansien pirullisten juonten mestari
Joita ei ikinä edes toteuttettu tai ajateltu

Viimeinen näkökenttä on sokeutettu tyhjyydellä
Raskain kaikista lumista on lapioitu ajatuksien ylle
Tulin pimeydestä, muinaisuudesta, muistoista
Tulin kuolemasta, hengettömästä ikuisuudesta

Sairaus joka iäti jatkuu on kanssamme
Tyhjyys joka iäti palaa vainoamaan elämää
Tulin pimeydestä, muinaisuudesta, muistoista
Tulin kuolemasta, hengettömästä ikuisuudesta

10   0 888 kuuntelua
Black Metal

Deathlike Embrace 15.09.2007


Shadows of the corpselike dreams you have
In your forgotten wishes unto a bleak nothingness
Clouds of uncertainty given toward a death
Of the human existence, a total demoralization

Bleach the bones of the crownless empty king
A great shadow beyond the world of understanding
Succumb to the foe-words of the nameless thing
A bleak nightmare that has never even existed

Enter my deathlike embrace, said the eternal death
Enter my dreamlike embrace, said he who never bled
Enter my deathlike embrace, said the eternal death
Come into being with my slow, hopeless decay

Denied the fleeting joy of...

9.33   1 797 kuuntelua
Black Metal

Unbound Abyss 17.08.2007


A heart bled dry, blackened by time
In a shadowfilled dream of hatred unbound
Creeping along through the shallow skies
Beside the eternal cosmic psyche of anger

Damnation and pain shall shower upon me
As I shall crush the paingiver...
The disgusting ones in their temples
Dedicated to the depravity of the soul

Crown the birth of dissent
Reach to the stars that are fallen
A clear vision, marred by a crust
of the false, butchered beliefs

10   0 737 kuuntelua
Black Metal

Vitutation Ascends 13.06.2007


Te joiden jeesustelulla ei ole mitään määrää
Te joiden typeryydellä ei ole mitään määrää
Te joiden halveksittavuudella ei ole määrää
Te tyhjät paskanjauhajat siellä määräämässä

Vitutation... vitutus nousee
Vitutation... vitutus nousee
Fucking vitutation, vittu se nousee
Vitun vitutation - vittu saatana!

Vitutation ascends
Your asshole existence
Vitutation ascends
Whatever you think is true

Give me a chainsaw to cut your necks
Give me a mallet to hammer your heads
Vitun huorat syökää paskaa ja kuolkaa
Vitun huorat, kuolkaa ulosteisiinne

8.67   0 1029 kuuntelua
Black Metal

Ineffable Cold Void 22.05.2007


A void that has been so long inside of me
Butchering the last strain of humanity
Will you give me release from the pain?
Will you at last set my strangled being free?

I cannot begin to tell of the pain there is
I can never render the ineffable cold void
Into words that a human being can understand
For I never was human, though I once lived

Ineffable cold void, beauty in darkness
A peace beyond the stars and beyond time
The last fading picture of the universe
When no light nor any life can exist

Ineffable cold void, for the dark soul to devour
There is a lifeless void inside, and beyond

10   0 794 kuuntelua
Black Metal

Kuolema kristityille 14.05.2007


Kun synkässä yössä matkaamme kohti kuolemaa
Bensaa ja kärsimystä, tuhoa ja kuolemaa
Kirkko luuhistuu päällenne, te mätähuorat
Sinäkin palat siellä, jeesuksen opetuslapsi

Kuolema kristityille, kuolema jeesushuorille
Kuolema kristityille, kuolema kaikille
Kuolema kristityille, kuolema maailmalle
Kuolema kristityille, kuolema teille

Kirkkopalovaroitus on voimassa maailmanloppuun asti
Me olemme mahti, voima ja kunnia, mahti vailla vertaa
Kirkkopalovaroitus on iäti, te olette heikkoja
Me olemme mahti, voima ja kunnia, kuolema kristityille

Nimeen kaiken mikä on epäpyhää, me...

10   0 1053 kuuntelua
Black Metal

Bloodred Embers 14.04.2007


Recorded 17.4.2006

The red embers in the earth are ours
Where the temples are burned forever
The red embers in the earth are ours
Where the churches are laid waste

The crosses are twisted by the flames
They have all come down to the earth
For humans built them, and humans die
In a thousand years our victory lies

Bloodred embers of the wasted churches
Are the kindling to a new glorious future
Where no christ rules, no god dictates
The wars that all these idiots wage

This is war, a war against humanity
Against the lies of the despicable ones
Awaken, and become released from them
From the...

10   0 766 kuuntelua
Black Metal

Lux Obtenebrescit 23.02.2007


How this life always seems to fade away
to the deep places in the dark.
Only cunning minds might comprehend
why this is and must be so?

Ardor frigesscit, nitor squalescit,
amor abolescit, lux obtenebrescit.

I will see the stars falling down
from the joyously bright blue sunny sky.
And the clouds that gather are but faint traces of my sorrow, of my pain

Ardor frigesscit, nitor squalescit,
amor abolescit, lux obtenebrescit.

Sing unto the night that seeth no dawn
No longer dreaming of things to come
Sing unto the night that seeth no dawn
Never dreaming of a light of salvation

10   0 874 kuuntelua
Black Metal

Rising of the Horns 21.02.2007


Infinite degrees of separation
from the world of living humans.
Cruel lie the shadows here
created by the arsonist mind.

For the rising of the horns
in the flames of the burning church.
For the rising of the horns
in the darkness of the winter's heart.

Can you see the smoke of the funerals rising?
Can you smell the stench of the burning corpses?
If only they were from the living flesh
of the believers in all the falsehoods...

Infinite degrees of damnation
in this world of immoral humans.
Rising above and beyond the will
of the folly of despicable religion.

10   1 909 kuuntelua
Satanic Black Metal

Dance Around The Ashes 12.01.2007


Palaces built by the self-declared guardians
Of morals and their lie-filled enslaving purse
Growing with their bellies into an eternity
of human suffering what they love the most

Dance around the ashes of religions
Rejoice in the rejection of gods and of lies
The smoke of the burning of their temples
Fills our hearts with great eternal joy

A plantation of slaves of the religious lies
Arising from the ignorant feeble peoples
Whose life is meaningless and so very sad
Yet we feel no pity for the fools of the light

Dance around the ashes of religions
Rejoice in the rejection of gods and...

10   0 781 kuuntelua
Satanic Black Metal

Dawn of the Flames 09.02.2007


In the spring morning, when the sun is rising
I beheld the burning of the church of christ
The dawn of Satan's millenium, dawn of flames
As the crows sang, I laughed at the dying embers

In every way pure, the anti-christian sentiment
To crush down religion, and all who believe
To burn their temples to the ground, into ashes
I believe in desecration, I believe in war

War against all religion, against all that is holy
I believe in desecration, I believe in war
War against all religion, war against all
I believe in desecration, I believe

Dawn of the flames, churches up in flames
Dawn of...

10   0 727 kuuntelua
Black Metal

Palakoon maa 29.07.2006


Hengettömät sielut katsovat sinuun
Tyhjillä olemattomilla silmillään
Saatanan voima katsoo sinuun
Tyhjillä olemattomilla kasvoillaan

Kasteessa valheet tulivat päällesi
Erotessasi luulit että pääsit paskasta
Mutta se oli vain alku tälle polulle
Kohti ikuista pimeyttä ja pahuutta

Palakoon maa, palakoon taivas
Palakoon turhat jumalanne
Palakoon elämäsi viimeiset hetket
Noitaroviolla ja henkesi kunniassa

9.33   1 1040 kuuntelua
Satanic Black Metal

Kristus Sinä Mätähuora 19.12.2006


Valheita ja vallanpitoa, kaanoneita ja kidutusta
Tuhoa ja tuomioita, kaksinaamaisia ja kirottuja
Rovioita ja rumuutta, teokratiaa ja teeskentelyä
Kaiken järjen kieltäjiä ja pyhiä idiootteja

Kristus sinä mätähuora, ihmiskunnan tuhoaja
Kristus sinä mätähuora, ihmiselämän halveksija
Kristus sinä mätähuora, mielikuvituksen tuotetta
Kristus sinä mätähuora, terveen järjen kieltäjä

Tyhjiö ottakoon tuon turhuuden ja sen sairauden
Joka tätä maailmaa piinaa, uskonnon ja taikauskon
Opetukset jotka opit ovat valhetta ja mädänneisyyttä
Ideologiat niiden taustalla ovat...

10   0 1085 kuuntelua
Black Metal

Purification 11.07.2006


Fire! You purify the sacrosanct groves
for the new growth of new beautiful ideals
where the churches stand, another should be;
a shining new world, purified of god
What you find within you is the spark of truth
even if it may be buried deep within the lies
of religious dogma, of putrid mindless waste;
Fire! let the fire take you.
Fire! The laments have been heard before
but to bring about change you must act
according to what power you may have.
Dreams all ablaze, purified of god
Enter the place of purification
Crematory of false belief, such a beatiful place
Enter the place of...

9.75   0 970 kuuntelua
Black Metal

Scorn in Eternity 11.02.2006


A cold shadow, lengthening into the void
Frozen places, in that coldest of dreams
I held the crown in my hands, the crown of death
I dreamt of death in my hands, in my heart

Scorn in the eternity, within the everlastind mind
I wonder why it must be so, in this winter that lasts
Born from eternity, from the cold shadowed past
I wonder why I must live, in this winter that lasts

Remaining consciousness in the dark woods of dreams
A forest of shadows in the everlasting bog
The carrion bird caws within the starless sky
And that funereal fog engulfs our last stand

Remorseless cold of the...

9   4 1412 kuuntelua
Black Metal

Parasatan 27.01.2006


The blade of self-deception is crushed
A rotten cross is striked down (to hell)
Parables of emotional falsehoods
Putrefy in their outright impossibility

Parasatan! An ecstatic, cruel, but clear vision
Remorseless passive acceptance of reality
Parasatan! Ratified by the insane morality
Genocidal maniacs of that passionate scorn

Rip the wounds open, fall to the waters
Emerge from the black womb of death
Victorious and without a tarnish
Only the inner daemon may survive

9.6   1 1197 kuuntelua
Satanic Black Metal

Unholy Trinity 26.12.2005


The throne that gleams in the horizon
Is the throne of my master Satan
The eye that beholds from the depths
Is the eye of my master Satan

The hand that strikes down humanity
Is the hand of my master Satan
The unholy trinity in the abyss
Throne, eye and hand, across the land

A perfect vision in every way
As the flames reach heaven's shore
The vision is perfected once again
Smite down the believers

9.25   1 1248 kuuntelua
Satanic Black Metal

Ruumiin ylösnousemus 12.12.2005


Raatoni nousee kuolemasta kuolemaan
Kaatamaan kirkon mahdin tässä maailmassa
Teurastamaan elävien kristittyjen hengen
Ja elävien kristittyjen ruumiin

Sillä jos sinä uskot siihen paskaan
Niin minäkin voin olla sinulle perkele
Tuhoan ja raiskaan uskosi peruspilarit
Älä luota olemattoman jumalasi voimaan

Poltan kristittyjä hitaalla liekillä
Käristän doktriinejanne rakovalkealla
Mädänneet ruumiit nousevat haudoistaan
Tuomaan kristittyjen viimeisen tuomion

Valheidenne aika on päättynyt
Totuuden hetki on koittanut
Kun te kuolette maailma on vapaa
Tyhjistä merkityksettömistä...

9   2 1378 kuuntelua
Black Metal

Darkening Gleam 08.12.2005


A mist-veiled grove of burned trees
Where the temple of god once stood
Now ravaged by the unrelenting time
Adopted by the brethren of the dark

Now the priests all hooded in black
That congregate here in this time
Worship the darkness that is rising
From the ancient unholy earth

The stench of burning flesh still lingers
Among the brambles that grow on the ruins
And the screams of the pious fools echo
Where the church of god once stood

Cast down are the walls of holiness
And into the pit of debris their bodies fell
Who worshipped the god of light (and lies)
The eternal darkness took them all

10   0 915 kuuntelua
Satanic Black Metal

Jeesus raiskaa pappeja 30.09.2005


Saatanan huora, perkeleen orja
Yksi perkeleen riivaama kyrpä
Tervattu penis, siunattu mulkku
Yksi saatanan siunaama jorma

Jeesus raiskaa pappeja
Syvällä helvetin kurkussa
Jeesus raiskaa pappeja
Hornan mustassa kuilussa

9.4   2 1753 kuuntelua
Satanic Black Metal

In Their Opprobrium 30.08.2005


A convulsive expulsion of their dogma
Irrational degenerated hegemony of lies
Blind to the real human existence
Revelling in despicable mind control

In their opprobrium
No fall from disgrace
Heavenly altars shall bleed
With the blackest goatblood

Eclipse the murderous lust
Defile the children of god
Time for payback, time for hate
Time for hell, time for Satan

9.5   0 1075 kuuntelua
Black Metal

Varoitus Voimassa Ja Kunniassa 23.04.2005


Tuo mahti on katsomaton, mahtava voima kuoleman
Suotko minulle armosi ylistetty ikuinen murha
Tuo mahti on koskematon, raikuva voima kuoleman
Suotko minulle syntisi kannettavaksi ikuisuuteen

Anarkiaa ja alkoholia, pahuutta ja pimeyttä
Varoitus on voimassa maailmanloppuun asti
Nekrokuolemaa, veren vuodatusta ja synkkyyttä
Varoitus on voimassa maailmanloppuun asti

Älä katso minua paitsi palvovin silmin
Sillä minä olen jumalasi, ikuinen kuolema
Älä katso minua paitsi jumaloivin elkein
Sillä minä olen kuolemasi, ja sinä tiedät sen

9   2 1015 kuuntelua
Black Metal

Watching The Fall Of Humanity 31.03.2005


As I watch over the world of tremors
A wave of schism, a remorseless thought
Earth heaves, the shadow grows long
The perversion grows strong within me

Priceless the gold of the sunset
Heralding a new existence beyond
The fathomless semantics of yore
Wallowing in the false penitence

How the screams enlighten this thought
A wordless repository of suffering
The reminiscensce of a lost life
That shall here be never, ever again

Sinister shapes appearing out of the dark
In a void of vehement sorrow
How can this be, when all existence is lost
The damage was done so long ago

10   0 860 kuuntelua
Satanic Black Metal

Jeesus ole huorani 08.07.2005


Turhat jumalasi ovat kuolleet
Pelastajasi on umpihuorani
Ennen teurastusta haluan kertoa

Jeesus ole huorani
Pimeydessä perseeseesi
Panen mustan siemeneni
Polttavan spermani

Syntyy saatanan valtakunta
Pimeyden hengetön jälkeläinen
Jeesuksen suolistosta
Jumalasi rumasta perseestä

Jeesus ole huorani
Pimeydessä perseeseesi
Panen mustan siemeneni
Polttavan spermani

Puren pois sinulta kalusi
Syön lihaasi ja vertasi
Jos vain alistut valtaani
Ja senhän sinä huora teet

Jeesus ole huorani
Pimeydessä perseeseesi
Panen mustan siemeneni
Polttavan spermani

9.75   2 1847 kuuntelua
Black Metal

Gasoline Christ 31.03.2005


Satan! How I love to watch the flames
Laughing all the way down to hell
The senseless lies of the weakling lamb
Burning, burning upon the hill of skulls

Gasoline christ, redeemer the human torch
Gasoline christ, son of an impotent god
Just another wasted prophet so divine
His brethren shall go up in flames as well

Satan! How I love to watch the fire
Laughing all the way down to my home
The book of pointless words flaming
The son of man burned at the cross

Burn, burn the body of christ
Burn, burn with the impunity
Burn, burn the body of christ
The whore must go up in flames

10   1 1233 kuuntelua
Black Metal

Burn the Churches 25.02.2005


A mighty flame lights up in the house of god
The beautiful fire that burns down his children
Into the fiery hell they all shall go down to
And the eternal darkness shall rule supreme

Burn the churches, light up the sky
Burn the churches, in Satan's name
Burn the churches, none shall stand
Burn the churches, destroy them all

Blasphemy be my name, a warrior of the cause
To bring down the values of your forefathers
All in the name of blasphemy eternal
I dream a world without your puny god

The shadows pass over the mortal world
All the sickening lies are struck down
With a single strike from...

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