Black Metal

Vanhat tavat ovat Pirusta / The Old Ways are from the Beast 20.07.2015


KYRPÄ - Vanhat tavat ovat Pirusta / The Old Ways Are from the


Kuinka kerran kuolemasi kohtaat
Vanhat tavat ovat parasta
Hukkua helvetin huutohumalassa
Ainakin ampua aivot aukiolle

Miten muuten mestaajasi kohtaat
Vanhat tavat ovat parasta
Autokolarissa armoa ei anneta
Syöpäkään ei syömällä syövy

Vanhat ajat ovat pirusta
The old days are from the beast
Vanhat tavat ovat pirusta
The old ways are from the beast

Mutta miten elämäsi elelet
Vanhat tavat ovat Pirusta
Pappia palvomassa piinapenkillä
Valheita vaiti vain vatvaamassa

How once you meet your death
The old ways...

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Black Metal

Intro to Hellfrozen 14.08.2015


I noticed there isn't this song in the RAR file.

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Black Metal

Satan, He Skis To Deathlands And Thence To You 14.07.2015


Satan, He Skis To Deathlands And Thence To You
(Recorded 19.9.2012, remixed + vocals in 14.7.2015)

He is come fast upon the skis
From the East, South, North and West
He smile at the feeble gallows
Erected just for his great coming

Through black swamps, through the woods
Over the mountains under the dark clouds
Burning through the cities and suburbs
Only one true Satan can ski so fast

One field of battle after another
His dark shadow has touched them all
One weakling mind after another
His desires have set the course
Of all history

Invoke His name
and He has had you since birth
The Great...

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Black Metal

The Ugly Face of Death 21.05.2015


The Ugly Face of Death

You begin your life with pain
And it ends in total pain again
The shadow of a magic mist
Is what you want to believe in

That is the reason for insanity
You just want to go there
Because of the uncaring world
You want it to make sense

But it makes no sense
It's the ugly face of death
As in life, so in death
There's no point in going on

When you know what makes it go
How this putrid world ticks
You are become disgusted
When you know the ugly face of life

That is the reason for insanity
You just want to go there
Because of the uncaring world
You want it to make...

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Black Metal

Abysm 17.05.2015



We are born bloody, wrinkled and ugly
If you are lucky, you die wrinkled young
If you're not, you come across as you go
Just a bloody mangled lump of meat

If your penis gets cut by a dirty old man
You're more likely to be a violent man
Angry and dissatisfied since you are
Just half a man

When you grow old, your customs
Call for more genital mutilation
A vicious circle, an abysm of pain
An abysmal circle of pain

Babies are made for mutilation
Your insane god demands blood
From the genitalia of your children
Scarring them for their poor life

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Black Metal

Kyllä se Kuolema tulee 05.05.2015


Venaapas vielä tovi
Kuolet kohta itsekin
Kyllä se kuolema tulee
Aina äkkiä se tulee

Vielä hetki, ehkä se antaa
Pimeyden ja ikityhjiön
Parempaa ei voi toivoakaan
Yllättäen kuolema tulee

Sitä voi kirveellä kiirehtiä
Parvekkeella ja pillerillä
Kyllä se kuolema tulee
Jos sitä tosiaan toivoo

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Black Metal

Choice of Hell 11.01.2012


This life is like the gloom of tomb
So pretty as my end is coming
Drunk by the choice of Hell
I see all the religious summing
How much they gain by my pain

Unwillingly born from the bloody womb
They never asked us what is really good
Never wanted to know what's truly real
Unlike us, unlike the silent majority
Who knows common sense and reality

They can't see the elephant in the room
Magic mysteries of high upper fairy tales
Don't matter shit to us in the gutter
Scalded by the true freezing cold
This fucking world don't work your way

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Black Metal

It's Darkest Before the Blackness Engulfs 11.09.2011


Midwinter noon, shadows are long.
The red sun so cold, life so wrong.
In the greyblack forests of old,
freezing to death in the eternal cold.

Midwinter moon high in the sky,
outshining the weak, dying sun.
The nightfall of eternal winter is nigh,
now as the final darkness descends.

It's darkest before the blackness engulfs
and binds our hearts to the servitude
of the sweet cold void of nothingness,
the blissful death of eternal years.

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Black Metal

Portolan to Hell 01.12.2010


Lyrics by K. Fenrir

For years I have tried
To tolerate this shit
You may call it life
But I call it filth
Too long have I taken
What's handed to me
I don't belong
Fuck your sheepish thinking!

I feel my time has come
I'm leaving your fucking world
Show me the directions
Portolan to Hell!

I've always hated your kind
So my end is now
My visit here
Has been a disappointment
To slit my throat
Is my last and only wish
I bid you all a farewell
I hope we'll never meet again!

The end is nigh
I feel it coming
My blood pours out
Portolan to Hell!

No more can I see
My mind has gone numb
The heart...

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Black Metal

Inhuman Suffering 20.04.2010


A love laced with the purest evil
Mechanical wonder of the world
Sunken wrath of eyes in pain
Passive-aggressive against all

Inhuman suffering, patterns emerge
Innocence and justice groveling
Under the corporate face of evil
War for whores, and conservation

Black regressive force of power
Engendering inhuman suffering
A human world filled with lies
In eyes no face is left untouched

7   1 405 kuuntelua
Black Metal

The Witch 10.12.2009


All the burned desires within
Upon the cold altar of flesh
When her pulse was long gone
Repulsed by her twisted flesh

You filled me with your hate
With your lust and regret
The black witch of the night
Under the coldest of moons

The stench of a witch
You know you're disgusting
Yet it drives me insane
Reminder of a lost life

For I've made you into an altar
For you a sacrifice of death
Speak your curses for me
In your pain, I ride forever

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Black Metal

Earthfall 30.10.2009


When you behold the world from far above
Certain truth is evident: nothing here matters
When the Earth falls below the horizon
Out there, within you, you are alone

Earth falls, the endless dream calls
Your palace of thought is but a shadow
Earth falls, the endless death calls
Only a great void awaits conquering

Can you understand where we now stand
Turn your back and you are a failure
Go forth, and there shall be no way back
A crossroads for a greater wisdom

Or a folly of all the human waste
Behold the Earthfall as seen from far away
Away from this globe of all human waste
In the void...

8.5   0 561 kuuntelua
Black Metal

Under the Shadow of the Dark Throne 30.10.2009


Alive without breath,
colder than death,
under a funeral moon
a revelation of doom.

Ancient histories of torment
in forgotten tongues lament
the pestilent corpses unknown
in the shadow of the Dark Throne;
under the shadow of Darkthrone.

Standing high above the world,
the siege perilous, acrimonious.
Crawling low beneath the world,
the followers of the cult of death.

Alive without breath,
colder than death,
across the funeral sky
the blackened demons fly.

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Black Metal

The Creationist 07.07.2009


Your eyes are blinded by the mist of belief
The idiocy of mankind, all the feebleminded
Your ears are filled with the lies of relief
From facing the brutal workings of reality

If ignorance is bliss, you must be so happy
To cring to it with ever so militant prowess
You cannot change the workings of reality
You can only cower within your small minds

Your eyes are filled with mist
You are an ignorant creationist
Your cataracts will not fall
Even when you've been proven wrong

To you the world is flat and unchanging
When we know it's round and free ranging
If you ever knew what you talked...

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Black Metal

After My Death 10.06.2009


I died once, thus I can die again
This time I am not coming back
Let not the so called saviours intervene
With the lust to eternal cold void

After my death a body will not hear the call
Of the darkest black unholy void
After my death a mind will not wander in the hall
Of the bleakest memories never told

It's all just the same to me
All I ever wanted was to get away
Bleakness was my passion, and memory
Of all that shouldn't have been

Inevitable paths unlit by reason
Emotion that drives the genius down
Broken and whole, kill them all
In my time I beheld the great fall

7   0 564 kuuntelua
Black Metal

Iron Sights 27.03.2009


In the cold days of one winter war
One pale warrior became to be feared
By the enemy, a ghost they thought
The White Death they named him

He froze the snow before his station
He kept snow in his mouth to be hidden
Once he saw the enemy in his iron sights
There was no going home for that poor bastard

A hundred days of war, five hundred dead
A sniper without parallel in history
After his face was blown away by the enemy
He shot him dead before they knew it

8   2 615 kuuntelua
Black Metal

Returning Dawn 12.12.2008


I decided to scrap the previous too obvious song that was almost finished and did this philosophical one for the ten year celebration of KYRPÄ instead. Sort of takes me back...

Ten score thousand years, ten thousand lives
All who came before me are but dust and ashes
Ten times ten thousand years ago man began
His beginning was feeble, just as he is now

Returning dawn
Observing the rising sun
Returning dawn
Observing blinding rays

Death is the muse of all human endeavour

Waking to understanding, a rebirth of man
Returning dawn; as a child reaches out
Transhuman succubus is there, future...

7.5   2 598 kuuntelua
Black Metal

Progress 26.08.2008


Shooting into known space
Coming down again with shit
This is your puny progress
Burning in the atmosphere

Black unholy progress stems
Creating an all new hope
In the mist beyond the dawn
It's raining burning metal

What goes up comes crashing down
High hopes burning in the air
Clip the wings of the defecators
Here and now time stands still

7   0 646 kuuntelua
Black Metal

As Night Falls Upon A Dead World 06.08.2008


Guest vocalist - Sadist

Frigid poison clouds that gather under a dying sun
Moving across the landscape bereft of all life
Of suffering things under the radiation hell
Attempting to hide under the contaminated earth

It is the dusk of the black hearts
The last to stand, the last to fall
It is the dusk of the black gods
At last embracing the end of times

Cry the last cry for your nonexistent god
As the dreams from which you evolved are undone
Scream the last scream of pain in vain
As the lies from which you came are undone

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Black Metal

Haistakaa vittu 05.08.2008


Roviot on poltettu
Ihmisteuraat on syöty
Vitut on silvottu
Peniksetkin katkottu

Syökää peniksenne
Minä olen jumala
Syökää pillulihaa
Silpokaa ne kaikki

Haistakaa vittu
Elämä, se on vittu
Haistakaa vittu
OK, asia sovittu

9.67   3 1426 kuuntelua
Black Metal

Kalman Tuulet 08.07.2008


Verihurmeesta ja ikipimeydestä (2002)

Musta Boreas, kalman synkkä tuuli
Pohjatuuli, hyytävän murheen tuuli
Verta vuotavat sinun tähtesi
Minun silmäni ja minun suuni

Ikuisuudessa kuolen murheessa
Pimeydessä vailla lepoa kuolen
Mustan kuolen, jäisen kuoleman
Valoton on viimeinen taipaleeni

Henki vailla muotoa, olen
Mustan pimeyden ruumiiton olemus
Tyhjyyteen minä iäti putoan
Olen kalman tuulten herra

Musta Boreas, sinä minua viet
Pohjatuuli, hyytävän murheen tuuli
Verta vuotavat sinun tähtesi
Minun sydämeni ja minun keuhkoni

Ikuisuudessa kuolen murheessa

9   0 693 kuuntelua
Black Metal

Verihurmeesta ja ikipimeydestä 08.07.2008


Verihurmeesta ja ikipimeydestä
(säv. & sanat Tammikuu 2002)

Vapauta minut, minä olen vanki
Minut on kahlinnut siveys ja järki
Vapauta suuri pimeys sisältäni
Raateleva peto jolla on voima
Voima ja valta tuhota
Mahtava raivo ja verenhimo
Pimeys ota minut ja tee minusta
Susi, yön musta tuhooja

Vapauta minut, minä olen vanki
Minut on kahlinnut siveys ja järki
Vapauta suuri pimeys sisältäni
Susi, yön musta tuhooja
Raateleva peto jolla on voima
Muinainen, voittamaton mahti
Karaistunut kylmyydessä
Syntynyt helvetin tulessa

Ja joskus henkeni palaa ikipimeyteen
Ja kulkee mustien...

7   0 503 kuuntelua
Black Metal

Kylmä kuoleman talvi 08.07.2008


(säv. Tammikuu 2002, sanat Elokuu 1998)

Myrsky on noussut
Kylmä kuoleman talvi
Lopun aikojen pimeys

Hyytävä viima puhaltaa
ahdistuksen sieluuni
Hyytävät tuulet ulvovat
...pimeys laskeutuu

Kun viimeinen aamu sarastaa
Lähden kohti kuolemaa
Kuoleman talvi kutsuu minua
Ikuiseen tyhjyyteen

Kun viimeinen ilta koittaa
Veitsi juo vertani
Kuoleman talvi kutsuu minua
Ikuiseen unholaan

Pohjattomat syvyydet odottavat...
seuraan mustan kuoleman kutsua
Loputtoman pimeyden hyytäviin tuuliin
...tuonen jäisen seinämän takana

Hyytävä viima puhaltaa
ahdistuksen sieluuni...

7   0 511 kuuntelua
Black Metal

The Darkbound 08.07.2008


(säv. & sanat Tammikuu 2002)

Ringing in the Circle of woes
That unpenetratable Blackness engulfs
The voices of Death and Dreams
Imploring to the towering Stones
Memories of Emotions lingering
At the threshold of Oblivion
Coldness in my Hands, in my Eyes
Now I know I am bound for Darkness

Bound by Blood
Bound by Knowledge
Bound by Fate
Bound for Darkness

The dark Woods where dark Deeds
Were done in the distant Past
Whisper to me in ancient Tongues
Bidding me into the Darkness
What once was sought is cast away
What once was lost is regained
What once was revered is spat upon
What once...

7   1 437 kuuntelua
Black Metal

Destroyer of Holy Christ 03.07.2008


From Satanic Metal demo (2000)

7   2 507 kuuntelua
Thrash Metal

Springtime 22.05.2008


Leaves are budding out all around
The birds are all chirping in the trees
You can now smell the melted ground
The earth seems to be so fucking alive

Worms and maggots eating the dead
That died in the winter and froze
Now to be devoured in their soil bed
To bring about another cycle of death

Such a nice dead depressing time
Cold winds and cruel sunshine
After winter, enter the springtime
Cold nights and dead moonshine

7   0 524 kuuntelua
Black Metal

The Master 26.04.2008


I hated life, I never wanted to live
I loved the darkness and the cold
I can't feel if it's not strong enough
I am the master of nothing, cold as ice

The Master, wings of hate abound
Lord of the disease that haunts us
The Master, depression and hate
Sickness in us all that kills us

I had love but rejection killed me
I had emotions but I was medicated
A black shell of a human being
I am the master of nothing, dead alive

Hatred still dwells within me
And anger seeping through the haze
I am the master of nothingess
Suicide remains, answer it's call

8   1 564 kuuntelua
Black Metal

Eye of the Storm 21.03.2008


As the human holocaust draws ever nearer
People are blind to the world around them
Wishing it away, turning two blind eyes
Those in the know and in power say nay

The eye of the storm has hit the world
People are dying, in death throes they are crying
The eye of the storm has hit the world
The women are crying, and the children are dying

The stench of the corpses will not wake them
A wave of despair cannot cure the blind
The fires of hell on earth will not wake them
For they seek the destruction of the world

You're not so far away from the pain
You'll come to know its ugly name
Look into...

7.5   2 615 kuuntelua
Black Metal

Deathlust 29.01.2008


Misery and suffering, dreaming in hell
Rotted shapes of dead beings all around
Floating corpses on the river of hell
Should this be life, I'd rather die

Deathlust... living a life of hell
Deathlust... dreaming of eternal hell
Deathlust... dying to please death
Deathlust... dying to dream of death

Misery and suffering, ages in hell
Rotted remains of life floating all around
Shadows pass by on which I dwell
I lust for death, I lust for death

7   1 613 kuuntelua
Black Metal

Asshole Believer 15.12.2007


Fuck you all!

I don't like you, you are an asshole
You think you know shit, you don't
I don't like your style, hubris shit
You think you know shit, you're wrong

Asshole believer, you're nothing to me
Asshole believer, why won't you just die
Asshole believer, there never was a god
That could stand your utter stupidity

I don't like you, you silly twit
You think you are so fucking true
I don't like your style, hubris shit
You think you know what it's like

Asshole believer, you're nothing to me
Asshole believer, why won't you just die
Asshole believer, there never was a god
That could stand...

7   0 655 kuuntelua
Black Metal

Roots of Evility 13.01.2008


From Roots of Evility (2002)

She is a whore
Hate her like pox
She is a whorefuck
I hate I hate
Darkness and evil
Terror and death
Doomsday celebrations
a thousand damnations
Why wont she die
Alcohol burns my brains
Beer at my side I curse
Her into eternity of flame
Into the eternity of flame
Go, go into the flame
Burn the witch and laugh
For the laughter is the pain
Which giveth the eternal gain
I've been burned in my life
Too many times to count
Thus I will give back all I can
To make life a living misery
For all that still breath

They are few and far between
I must destroy them
It is...

8.5   1 449 kuuntelua
Black Metal

All Life Is A Lie 22.11.2007


One may think to see a future dead
To believe it's something else than before
Yet it will forever be the same
Forever the same death, no dreams live

All life is a lie
You think you exist
But it's so soon gone
Long before it ever was

One may seek to redeem oneself
From the existential sickening void
Yet it will forever be the same
Forever the same words, no dreams live

All belief is a lie
You think you know
But it's so soon lost
When you discover reality

7.25   2 653 kuuntelua
Black Metal

Dead Whore of Suffering 24.09.2007


Written and recorded 12/2002, re-mixed with new vocals 9/2007

The walls are crumbling around me
Only dust moves in the dim room
I know this is just a fucking dream
This is not how it ever was

Hateful memories fill my mind
Breaking the coherence of life
The bitch was never left behind
The dead whore of suffering

Still the dust moves
Continuation of torment
Anger fills my hours
Regret for a lost life

There is never going back
This is not how it ever was
The bitch was never left behind
The dead whore of suffering

7   0 656 kuuntelua
Black Metal

Sturzkampfbomber 10.08.2007


Let the trumpets of Jericho sound
As the fearless aces dive for attack
Aces up high, let the sirens sound
Fighting for glory and for the people

Fear the sirens' glaring sound
Behold the might of technology
The aces pass out, but they return
God from the machine saves from death

The Sturzkampfbomber, man and machine
Bringing total doom from above
The Sturzkampfbomber, man made machine
Bringing about the lightning war

The force of heavens, to right the wrongs
Screams striking fear into the enemies
Aces up high, let the sirens sound
Fighting for glory and for the people

This song is meant...

10   0 694 kuuntelua
Black Metal

Life is Death 23.07.2007


As you die I laugh in your face
For in death you find life so good
You can't see that it's not like that
Not at all for the rest of us

That is why I kill you, life is death
Murder isn't its name, it's revenge
That is why I make you see it my way
To dream in death, for life is death

A dawn that rises is but an invocation
To kill the sun, to kill all who believe
That the dawn brings something good
Die in your dreams, life is death

Bringing about another holocaust
Antihuman nonbelief, disease be praised
For it is a disease for all of us
Against all life, life is death

7   0 528 kuuntelua
Black Metal

Behind The Necro Winds 07.06.2007


False prophesies,
raving lunatics of god
Annihilistic dogma,
nihilists at heart
Reduce all complexity
down to insanity
Channeling the dissatisfaction
What the drunken bastards foretold
Is carried out by the most pious ones
Circular reasoning, circular madness
Feeding the frenzies of the madmen
Here at the end, the past is the future

7   0 552 kuuntelua
Black Metal

Powers of Hell 05.06.2007


I am the black star that swallows all life
All darkness incarnated into a human form
I am the deep scar that shall never heal
A thorn in your side, a thorn in your mind

Powers of Hell, in inhuman shell
The deepest well of thoughts and of ire
Powers of Hell, in inhuman shell
A leprosy that shall cast all into fire

Immortal and unquiet within the heart
A hunger never satisfied, a wound never healed
A lust for the secrets of the secrets
To enter the death's door to eternal oblivion

(repeat chorus)

The strength of the unbelievers is rising
Burning the bridge to the gates of...

8.5   0 608 kuuntelua
Black Metal

Grave of the Sightless Ghouls 24.05.2007


Despise, yet no remorse, nor reluctance
To admit the flow of darkness from the heart
Maniacal laughter, satanic rites of frost
Hammering the hell out of all idols
Grave of the sightless ghouls
Forgetting the past, brainless minds
Without the rot of the leafless woods
All around, the smell of death
Stars that shine upon the frost
And the luciferian shadows in the woods
Images so powerful, wisdombringer
All clichéd by inept wanderers

7   0 546 kuuntelua
Black Metal

The Hell-Man 31.03.2007


Crawling demons out of your mind
The inner hell where the heart is
Disgusted at that which you find
There's no peace in blackest bliss
In the dead eyes of the Hell-Man
An intent shines so very bright
Black metal fantasies of the Hell-Man
Eternally engulfing the light
The demon calls, a darkness falls
Lords of the chaosrealm answer the chant
The demon calls, a darkness falls
Hear the descending crescendo out of Hell

8.33   7 699 kuuntelua
Thrash Metal

Deathriders Arise 14.03.2007


Winds of hell blowing from the well
Of abyssmal fires, for dark desires
The darkness descends up from hell
Devouring the devout and the infidel

Deathriders arise
Deathriders arise
Deathriders arise
Storming in despise

Corpseriders come for the endtimes
The cursed ones destined to rule
This age when end comes to all lives
Their wrath remorseless and cruel


A dark painful death awaits us all
The black future is laid out bare
Here awaiting the deathriders' call
Too bitter, cold and old to care

8.67   3 745 kuuntelua
Black Metal

Scars 06.02.2007


Drowned in sorrow, leave the world behind
The scars that never heal forever burning
Drowned in alcohol, leave the life behind
The scars of old, with moonshine fading

Come and behold the world without end
The pain that lasts in darkness and light
Brightness giving pain to vision
The darkness soothing the bloodshot sight

In my mind I was buried long ago
In my heart I never existed
In my mind I died centuries ago
In my gut pain is rendered

Come now, behold a night sky without stars
Grey clouds without rain, oppression
Come now, behold the daughters of the sky
Scarred, maimed, and thus...

8.67   2 741 kuuntelua
Black Metal

Fullmoon Over Carpathia 02.02.2007


So cold, but also so beautiful a mountainscape
Harsh and rugged mountains draped in darkness
Great vast forests in the heart of bleakness
So cold, so dark, so cold, draped in darkness

Fullmoon over Carpathia
The evocative shadows dance
Fullmoon over Carpathia
When the dead travel fast

Here the pagan past echoes in the customs
Buried for so long ago by time and by dust
Atrocities were committed by the cruel
Rulers in the deep shadowclad Carpathia

The past still lives in the legends of old
Blood was spilled and it is still there
In the soil of the accursed lands of shadow
Its spirit...

7   1 610 kuuntelua
Black Metal

World of Pain 01.02.2007


Come on.
Can you imagine a world filled with pain
Rejection and ingratitude, wrongs and hate
Can you imagine a world filled with pain
A darkness that descends each and every dawn
It is just like that, and it shall last
Until the last breath of thinking beings
Is extinguished with one incoherent 'nucular' blast
By incompetent fools in their high towers
Come on.
Come to the world of pain
See for yourself what it's like on the other side
Come to the world of pain
See for yourself what it's like to open your eyes
Come on.
Dredge the road of pain
Follow the downspiraling path
Come down to the...

8   0 463 kuuntelua
Black Metal

Goatse XXX 23.01.2007


Old perverts masturbating in their holes
And the young screaming for the extreme
Satan's hand is cold, here anything goes
In darkness and pain, a sickening dream

Thoughts relinguished, only pain is enough
To bring about any sensation of life
If you can't go beyond, you can't live
If you can't feel, you must go beyond

Goatsex 66, My Satan laughs
Goatse XXX, My Satan laughs
Laughter for pain, who gives a shit
Life is pain, and the end is near

On a road to damnation, some find joy
In tormenting the innocent, or the guilty
Either way, it's all the fucking same
Your life was over the minute...

9   1 747 kuuntelua
Black Metal

Hell And High Fire 26.01.2007


Hell And High Fire

If you live upon a bed of lies
Thinking you know everything
About this shit of a world around
Let me fuck your ass and tell you

Go to hell and high fire
I know I know best, fuck you
Go to hell and high fire
You know don't you, Satan's there...

Giving some good advice, are you
The asshole of the land, I know best
You created a god in your puny head
You created belief in your puny head
To make sense of all the little things
Your weak mind just can't understand

To hell and fucking high fire
With you, you know best
Since that's all you know
Nothing about this...

7   0 455 kuuntelua
Black Metal

Acheron Nekromanteion 16.01.2007


From beneath the earth
In the deserted places
Flows a dream far greater
Than the waters of the world

Acheron is flooding once again
Now has come the time to die
Acheron is flaming once again
Now has come the time to die

Against the oceans of the world
Go down the river of woe and come
To the gates of the Underworld
Now shall Death bid you welcome

Great is the holy Nekromanteion
The Prophet and the Place of Death
Supreme is the holy Nekromanteion
The Nightfall and the Dawn of Death

7.5   0 669 kuuntelua
Black Metal

In the Gate of Death 07.01.2007


Behold, your eyes are closing
Hear what your ears no longer hear
Smell the wind of death blowing
Taste the bitter end coming here

Behold in the Gate of Death
Your distorted face, now dying
Beauty is lost, no more life
Pain is gone, but the eternity opens

Nothing is here anymore, no thought
No screaming pain, no joy to fight for
Existence is extinguished, nothing beyond
Your life is gone, and there is no you

All the ravens, all the grey clouds
Just another way of saying goodbye
Embracing the cruel black unholy truth
To cross towards the Gate of Death

Skullpiles in the mist shall be my...

7   0 476 kuuntelua
Satanic Black Metal

Strong in Blasphemy 29.12.2006


I am strong in blasphemy
I see the world old and dead
I was born under the sign of hell
I will never surrender my thoughts

I came up from hell to wreak havoc
Upon the lambs, weak of will
I am strong in blasphemy
I am strong in desecration

The winds of change are not my winds
Only the the cold funeral wind of death
The blackness engulfs my very being
Heart as cold as ice, as black as death

Call me what you will, I am triumphant

I see the world old and dead
Strong in blasphemy, strong from hell
I came from darkness, for ultimate chaos
As a wolf among the sheep I am come

8   1 480 kuuntelua
Black Metal

Funeral Fuck 17.11.2006


Life is twisted, and even steel shall tire
Rocking in the cradle of black metal wire
A holy man preaches upon the tomb of life
While the black mass vicar is fucking his wife

Funeral... fuck
Funeral... fuck
Funeral... fuck
Funeral... fuck

Assfisting the idea of god, all is depraved
Behold what lies within the civilized man
While morals are of what the lunatics raved
They couldn't count on the insanity of man

The priest is raping the dead all out cold
Raping their mind, ravishing in the grimness
Bow down before lord Satan rock and roll
The cannibal truths are eating your flesh


9   3 840 kuuntelua
Black Metal

Frozen For Ages 03.11.2006


In the wind an inhuman voice is howling
Beyond the vast freezing wastes
Beyond the frostclad deathwood
Where all crops fail to take seed
Crawling from beneath the opaque ice
From beneath the black marsh and snow
A frozen hand, frozen face, eyes gouged out
A frozen hand, frozen face, frozen for ages
Speak, o dead one, what tale is there to tell?
There's nothing to speak, no doom to reveal
Speak, you deathspawn, tell me, or go to hell
There's nothing to reap, nothing to reveal
Foul and frozen dead for centuries
Unnamed death of the unnamed dead
No hell as destiny, no heaven to enter

8   1 649 kuuntelua
Satanic Black Metal

De Profundis Nekroteurastus Saatana! 29.10.2006


Hwen Saatan übergangst in Hir Angst
Katso perkele katso! de profundis aktualisert
Sarmatia becomes the drowned, chaos arise!
Eye of Polyphemus unburst, Kommand unto WAR
Raped and to rape de kristenmanns Ehre
Arisen and Arise igen
Take dein Bett and Walk
Follow thy Hautajaiskuu
De Profundis Nekroteurastus
Ei ole mitään elämää
Cremated and Judenskrematorium
Ei ole mitään kaunista
The Porphyrians, of wisdom of Epicurus
Truthfully ingenting has Leben
Christus est pestis
There existiert kuolema ikuinen
Burning a Candle from tre Ende
Absolve, te morituri ever...

9.2   4 1063 kuuntelua
Black Metal

Conqueror the Black 23.10.2006


Conquering and to conquer
The human existence all out
A dream of love beyond the grave
A dream of friendship and of life

What utter shit, what fucking lies
Life is and always will be shit
Until death takes you and you never
Think, breathe, nor perspirate

The Conqueror, named the Black
In the eternal death black
On a long road to nothingness
Till you scream for release

O conquistador preto
Il-konkwistatur l-iswed
Sinä musta valloittaja
Life has never existed

8   0 553 kuuntelua
Thrash Metal

Rising Plague of Damnation 10.09.2006


Terraform the universe
Into vast ravished worlds
Where disease is manmade
In the final hour for sentience

Expand the horizons of war
Reach out to the stars
Rising plague of damnation
Spread the plague of humanity

Wipe out the pristine death
Suffering must extend to cosmos
Preach the word of mutilation
Let the children suffer

One nation under god of death
Across all the worlds
Freedom an unremembered dream
The fascist future revealed

Don't think, don't resist
the rising plague of damnation
Believe all the lies they tell
Ravage the world into hell

8   0 581 kuuntelua
Black Metal

Death Calls Again 04.09.2006


When you least expect it
When your eyes are closed
You're not ever aware
When death calls again

Sanctity of your sanity
Is questioned constantly
Repulsive thoughts stemming
From some unknown plane

All you can speak of is the pain
And the reality of suffering
You've never really lived
Till death calls again

You live under a funeral moon
With the blunt axe in your hand
You hack away at the brains
In the barbecue of human flesh

People of the asshole land
It's only just begun

9.5   1 553 kuuntelua
Black Metal

Exterminate 20.10.2006


We are the rightful heirs
of the supreme power of the universe
Mankind shall bow before the might
of our destructive force

Destroy! Exterminate!
Victory to the Supreme Power
Destroy! Exterminate!
All the inferior beings

Ultimate power the ultimate goal
To exterminate all resistance
Ultimate strength of the strong
To wipe all humans from existence

Extermination of the inferior beings
Termination of the human waste and debris
Destruction and disintegration of the world
For all of its all utter worthlessness

8   0 544 kuuntelua
Black Metal

Graveheart 22.07.2006


Lusting after the whore-priestess of Babylon
Seeking the twig of life from within the cunt
Always remembering the great walls of Uruk
In twisted, godless black metal orgy of death

Graveheart, here death is incarnated
Graveheart, here life is incarcerated
Taste the blood of the priestess whore
Suck at the teat of eternal joyous death

Your brave new world is rotting into pieces
But the ancient mysteries are still alive
Darkness shall come again, the world in feces
Enter the disgusting sadomasochistic hive

Leather of death, spikes and studs gleaming
In the dark tomb where the torches burn...

8.67   2 685 kuuntelua
Black Metal

The Pale Moon Shines Upon The Third Eye 25.04.2006


The Pale Moon Shines Upon The Third Eye

Awakened from death as the pale moon shines
Upon the third eye, beneath the dead body
Whence the stench emanates, and acids have eaten
All the inner workings of a living being

What fucking devilry has made the corpse walk
The ashen lands of where living beings dwell
Under the searing moon, and the scorching sun
Accelerating the decay of the living corpse

Ripped from release, awakened from death
What should be buried is autodisinterred
The pale moon shines mockingly overhead
Only the pain is real, the third eye is sore

His cognition is only a...

7.67   2 733 kuuntelua
Black Metal

Axiom of Evil 03.06.2006


Their beds are burning yeah
Their eyes are blinded by lies
Their brains are seeping yeah
Crushed to a pulp, fucking yeah

Come on!

One single truth always remains
It is not found in their scripture
It has no number, no chapter
One single line of unhindered thought

Truth cannot be hidden
From the untethered mind
Working from reality and not denial
From the axiom of Evil

Axiom of Evil, axis of Power
The gearbox of the black unholy truth
Axiom of Evil, axels of the Universe
The exhaust of a necrotic future

8.5   2 550 kuuntelua
Black Metal

Et In Aspera Ego 22.04.2006


Ugly words and ugly tones distorted
The soil is the waste, but I hear
Ugly voices through the skullbones
The sky is empty, but yet I see

Et in aspera ego...

Repeating the ancient modern pain
Lacerated boils upon the face of earth
Are the boils upon my countenance
An epitome of inner chemical warfare

Dragging the putrid carcass of existence
Through the vast landscape scarred by time
Downward into the valley of desperation
Bleak, echoeless cavern of passivity

Dredging through the morass of existence
Carrying the wound of humanity
Up the hills under the great shadow
Dark, dreamless shadow...

8   1 570 kuuntelua
Black Metal

Kingdom of Hell 01.03.2006


The spirit of disease lingers over this world
The crownless king ever laughs out of nowhere
Rotting and decaying under a dying sun
All the living things shall fall

Searing pain and the burning of the souls
With the jewels in the darkness below
Philosophers seeking in vain for reasons
Yet finally the smoke smothers them all

Bickering amongst themselves, humans die
The crownless king ever laughs out of nowhere
Bloodbaths and terror by fools following fools
And the circle closes ever again

All the plagues and floods that ravish the world
Killing millions, and millions by human hands
All the...

8.5   1 622 kuuntelua
Black Metal

Teräsperkele 2006 27.02.2006


Teräsperkele (Iron Destroyer of Idols), 2006 versio. Alkuperäinen sävelletty ja nauhoitettu vuonna 2000.

Jäätä, tulta, verta ja kuolemaa
Rautaa, terästä, spermaa ja tuhoa
Synnyin Saatanasta ja nousin kuolemasta
Kärsimys, teurastus ja hävitys on osanne

Olen noussut tuhoamaan, syöksen tulta ja spermaa
Revin kristittyjen lihaa, syön juutalaisen aivoja
Ihmiskunta hukkuu paskaan, kukaan ei teitä pelasta
Minä olen kaikkivaltias, Teräsperkele vittu jumalauta

9   1 831 kuuntelua
Black Metal

Necromantor Returns 20.02.2006


Unholy screams from the black forests
In the freezing gleam of the funeral moon
Angels lie raped on the battlefield
The dead come alive to do His bidding

Once again the Necromantor returns...

Commanding the legions of perkele
From his high ineffable dark throne
Tormenting the souls with hellfire
In the freezing gleam of the funeral moon

The shadows are long and eternally dark
Where the blossoms of doom are in bloom
He summons the winds of darkness and evil
Raising the skeletal legions of gloom

Once again the Necromantor returns...

8.67   2 606 kuuntelua
Black Metal

Satanalcholochist 17.02.2006


Riding faster than the chariot of the sun
From nightfall until the dawn takes us all
Where ever my chariot of chrome may take me
I am there to drink the beer and raise hell

Hitting the lights and cursing the christs
Smoking all the way down to my black Acheron
Black shining leather and spikes of iron
Shall protect me from the last suicidal fall

I am invincible, satanalcholochist
I am death incarnate, satanalcholochist
You might say I am insane
But you are not the only one

Aah the pain is rising, and it gets louder
Crushing, cursing, vomiting upon the bible
Aah the searing pain is ever...

8   0 507 kuuntelua
Black Metal

Unquamathorn 04.02.2006


The fullmoon is shining bright
My darkest desires are coming true
In the eve of darkness and evil
The dream of black metal becomes real

Shadows of the deepest cruel death
Beyond the fucking churchyard rental
A passing beyond the reality of things
Into the mystery of purest dreams

Unquamathorn, you hold the fire
Lend to me your goat of nine horns
For I wish to desecrate all the holy
Under the fullmoon I shall desecrate

Craving for flesh and blood
Unquamathorn, you have my lust
To the eternal death in eternity
Only Black Metal shall live forever on

8   0 548 kuuntelua
Thrash Metal

Paradise 30.01.2006


Severed heads hanging on stakes
Their eyes all eaten by maggots
Impaled torsos line the road
Down there into my very own...

Paradise! Where Hell shall arise!

Here only corpses pave the way
Down to my Elysian fields
The stench of the rotting flesh
Is too unbearable to describe

Paradise! Where Hell shall arise!

Trample the skulls and rejoice
It is the night of reckoning
When two plus two makes 666
Embrace your fucking paradise

7   0 511 kuuntelua
Black Metal

Holy Pigs 08.01.2006


All the bible pigs that believe
Are the scourge of the world
We must fight against their lord
With our ugly words as our swords

Basis in a faith in the unreal
They lie to themselves and to others
That cannot discern through
Their weakness and their deception

Holy pigs, despicable pigs
Rotten minds unwilling to see
Holy pigs, despicable pigs
Gullibility based on ignorance

Reality is ugly, and unforgiving
They hide behind lies and kill
Their way is the right they say
Convieniently forgetting the slaughter

We shall slaughter their beliefs
We shall throw down the temples
Imaginary beings...

8   0 536 kuuntelua
Black Metal

Seventh Year of Blasphemy 01.12.2005


Aaah the death came so swiftly
When I called upon the name
Cold I was and colder I became
With each passing year

Seventh year of blasphemy
Black til death, darkened skies
Seventh year of blasphemy
The darkness shall take us all

The dawn so cold, and frozen in time
Awakening from a dream of death
To release the vision upon the hordes
Never felt so sweet nor so bitter

Blasphemy to my last dying breath
I lived a life I believed in
And await hungrily for the cold void
To take us all into eternity

8   0 549 kuuntelua
Black Metal

Crown of the Perverse Human 29.11.2005


Disgusting, enthroned upon a bench of throes
Skulls at the feet, whips lashing at the back
Disgusting, degenerated loathsome scum
The prize, crown of the perverse human

Even the dogs loathe the tainted flesh,
Pigs wouldn't eat it even if they were starving
Mangled and mutilated, but that's what you love
So mangle, mutilate and whore for the whores

Here, I crown you king, with the crown of thorns
Crown of the Perverse Human
Here, receive the sceptre of your disease
Sceptre of the Despicable One

9.67   2 718 kuuntelua
Black Metal

Gift of Death 23.11.2005


"Let there be death"

A human gift, a gift of all life, to die
Gift of death, if I can give it to you
If only I can, I will, and I can
There is beauty in nonexistence, in nonbeing

If the future holds something for me
It will hold the power to give death
To all those who deserve to die
To forever die an eternal death

For in aeons to come even death may die
And the world will be filled with ecstacy
Of reverly of shouting and of killing
The stars are right and truly we are come

I am the key and the gate, worship me

8   2 663 kuuntelua
Black Metal

Deserve To Die 23.11.2005


Fucking humans, fucking assholes you must all die now
Stupid motherfuckers plaguing this world, this is your requiem
The last straw has been pulled, the line is drawn in blood
The last straw has been pulled, the line is drawn here
Thy requiem, thy last fucking requiem
Thy corpse shall be found but unidentified
Thy requiem, thy last fucking requiem
Thou shalt know the power of our world
You fuck with death, death is what you will get
There are a few who die but deserve to live
But innumerable ones who live but deserve to die
They all shall die, this is your requiem
When we are through with...

10   1 625 kuuntelua
Black Metal

The Sign of Nordic Black Metal 18.11.2005


The darkness had covered all the lands
And the northern sky was filled with stars
The brittle snow lay heavy upon the trees
It was so very cold, it went to my very soul

The silvery gleam of the moon was high
Drawing down to the frozen lands of north
On scorched wings it was that sorrow flew
From the realms of death to all nations

The plague of death and destruction
Of grave desecration and of pain
The cruel wails of darkness and of hate
Under the shadow of the northern moon

Under the sign of nordic black metal
Borne on the wings of darkness and hate
Under the sign of nordic black metal...

8.5   0 702 kuuntelua
Thrash Metal

Necro Pervertor 07.11.2005



Treshing the harvest of the grim reaper
Crushing the skulls of those who are weaker
Treading on the corpses of the dead
Smashing your last hope, the ugly godhead

Necro pervertor, sowing the seeds of death
Rotten desecrator, treshing the harvested minds
Seperating the mind from the body
By hacking away with a blunt axe

See the cunt bleeding and taste the blood
See the dick growing as the whore spreads it all
Suffer to come upon the corpse of humanity
And awaken the slumbering bloodlust call

Necro pervertor, cold semen of uncreation
Rotten desecrator, treshing the...

9   0 653 kuuntelua
Black Metal

Upon the Pale Whores 01.11.2005


Death rode upon the pale whores
A plague of chistian beliefs
Survival of the gothic mindset
From the dark medieval times
Aesthetics embraced, a new kind
Skullcrushing beauty in my art
Rotting is only just the start
Until all the believers depart
I rot the corpse of humanity
Skewed visions that deplore
To let the ignorant remain ignorant
Are the hole of the christians
A tomb that must be filled
With the earth to suffocate
The false morals that are the plague
Death rode upon the pale whores
Laughing loud at their despair
Death rode upon the pale whores
Skullcrushing beauty is my art

8   0 532 kuuntelua
Black Metal

Triumphant In Death 03.10.2005


Strike me down to the gutter
And my stench only gets stronger
A dead corpse in semblance of life
Riding to the victory of death

Strike me down to the earth
And I shall become ever stronger
From the grave my voice echoes
To bring darkness upon all nations

Triumphant in death
The final chapter is only just begun
Triumphant in death
The endless dark age of reason

Held in stasis beyond the world
To wreak havoc upon the souls
Of those who are yet to taste
The majestic triumph in death

8.5   1 640 kuuntelua
Black Metal

Painting Devils On The Walls 22.09.2005


Removal of your inner sanctum
Chaostorrents grip your mind
Eternities are ripping at your flesh
Tearing your soul apart

Travelling faster than the speed of darkness
In the black heart of the nuclear winter
I am painting devils on the wall
And with my art I am The Satanist
Fuck yeah!

Recombining your splitted brain
With an electric blender
Answering violence with violence
Fire with nuclear devastation

Tearing your heart out
From the cradle of beliefs
Into the cruel nuclear winter
Behold the ugly face of reality

8   0 626 kuuntelua
Black Metal

Jesus At Heaven 27.08.2005


As I tread upon the earth I see two kinds
Lambs to slaughter and leaders of no sight
Underneath it all lies a another lie
From the depths of time, the jewish kind

Worst of all was what people call jesus
Who conquered the world with jewish lies
Worst of all was what people call jesus
Fucking jesus at heaven dot com

As I behold where the world is going now
Lambs to slaughter and leaders of no sight
Rotten liars in wait, to destroy the world
Scheming to destroy all there is
The line must be drawn here
And it must be drawn quickly
Before the judeo-christian scum
Can conquer also your mind...

9   1 669 kuuntelua
Black Metal

Under the Sign of Total Death 18.08.2005



I know you hate me, for I hate you too
You sad, sad creatures of nonexistent god
I know you think I am in league with the devil
But I say to you: fuck you for I am the devil

When I fell from the other times in other shores
I created a world without end
When I became lord of hell I laughed in eternity
I created a world without end

Fisting the anus of the believers
Forever fisting the ass of god
Fisting the rotting corpse of jesus
Forever in this everlasting hell

Over the years you mock me for being true
And I laugh at you from the heights
I cannot begin to tell you of the...

7   0 623 kuuntelua
Black Metal

The Power of Satan Compells You 12.08.2005


The strength of the angry men
In militant times growing stronger
The lords of midnight again
Waxing with shadows ever longer

Surplus humans falling into decay
Rotting corpses of religious reign
Parasites of the secondary world
To them I can only wish eternal pain

Created lord, with the double-edged sword
The power of Satan compells you
Strike now when the blood runs hot
The power of Satan compells you

The sky has fallen, black with steaming blood
Remorseless serrated edge eats the flesh
With my art I am the fist in the anus of god
Reaping the depraved joys of eternal hell

7   0 790 kuuntelua
Black Metal

Lucifer the Destructor 17.07.2005


My Liege, unto thee I need not pray to destroy
For ever thou shalt murder the innocents
And cast the world in a chaos eternal
Thou art named Jehovah and Satan and Lucifer
Thou art named Religion and thee I love
Thou art the destructor of all that is good
And behold, I saw that it was good to behold
To destroy all in thy name is my purpose
Even though thou art an imaginary being

People might say I am insane, but I am not the only one
People might say I am drunk, but I am not the only one
People might say I am a horny goat from the darkest Hell
But ye shalt know I am not the only one!...

7.5   0 773 kuuntelua
Black Metal

Eternal Days of Desecration 04.07.2005


The cross that bears the corpse is broken
And cast into the abyss filled with laughter
All the great and mighty temples are fallen
And the lambs are brought to slaughter

Eternal days of desecration are at hand
This final death of all religion so grand
Eternal days of desecration are at hand
The deserted churches are drowned in sand

Crushing the scepter of depraved priesthood
Casting down their moldy books of lies
For indeed they stand against all that I am
And their ludicrous god is long dead

Massively multiplying locusts swarm the earth
And the rivers shall run with blood
Fire and...

7.33   2 689 kuuntelua
Black Metal

Dead Sober 08.06.2005


I am beholden by the mortals
Seeked by the purified souls
Powerful, ancient and wicked
The lord of circumcision

I am the dreamer at the gates
The tormentor of pious minds
My name is analogous to blasphemy
Count Peniscutter the magnificient

I am the pure and total evil
The great black reaper of death
I burn down their temples
Necrodestructor of all that is holy

I am the floater and the sinker
Deconstructor of all belief
Material communist nazi fucker
Greifi vitun Kyrvänkatkoja

I crush the christians
I crush the jews and moslems
I crush the hindus
I crush the buddha
I crush the...

7.33   2 673 kuuntelua
Black Metal

Nuns Get No Dick 22.09.2005


In the grotto by the river Styx
Satan spake his masterful words
In the blue mountain of witches
We still hear his words echo

Nuns get no dick, in the monastery
Nuns get no dick, at the cemetery
Nuns get no dick, in the monastery
You gotta hear the witch of Satan

Now hail Satan, yes Hail Satan!
Now hail Darkness, yes all-hail!
Evil is come alive on earth
And it is in you, touch the dark

The devil's sperm is cold
The devil is inside you now
The devil must be set free
The devil is in everything

8   1 651 kuuntelua
Black Metal

Kyrpäjyrä 26.03.2005


Kun kuolema koittaa tallon kristittyjen kalloja
Teurastettujen veri virtaa vuolaana helvetin porteilla
Pimeässä tyhjyydessä kaikuu kuolevien huutoja
Sillä täällä musta rautasaatana repii ihmislihaa

Kyrpäjyrä raivaa altaan uskovat ja antaa ehtoollisen
Viimeisen niille jotka kaipaavat verta ja lihaa
Mädäntyneen kristuksen ja olemattoman jumalan
Alla lopunalkujen taivaan on vain ikuista vihaa

Kyrpäjyrä raiskaa ihmiskunnan toivon ja rakkauden
Viimeisetkin rippeet valuvat teurastamon lattialle
Kadotuksen valta saattaa uskovat viimeiselle matkalle
Kohti ikuisen pimeyden mahtavia...

8   2 1624 kuuntelua
Black Metal

Moottorisahatuulet, osa 2 01.12.2004


This is the 6th year celebration song. KYRPÄ is six years old today (Decemeber 1st, 2004). In English the song is "Chainsaw Winds, part 2." It's a continuation to the first song by that name found on the 1998 demo "Jeesus on rutto."

Moottorisahatuulet, osa 2

Pimeys on laskeutunut ja täysikuu loistaa
Yötaivaan halki lyö liekit itse perkeleen
jehovasi vapisee kun teloittaja käy matkaan
Ristisi on syöpynyt, huudoillesi nauretaan

Moottorisahatuulet, nekrokuoleman tuulet
Perkeleen mahti voittaa, kaikki te kuolette

Alas vaipuu herrasi temppelit ja toivo
Uskosi on vain mätänevää...

6.6   1 992 kuuntelua
Black Metal

Black Hell Awaits You All 17.09.2004


From "Sodomizer of God" (2004)

Screaming in the darkness the faces distort
Voiceless, nameless things are crawling
To the inverted cross set upon the snow
Father to evil, in his praise they scream

A black hell of torment awaits us all
When you at last die you will realize
That your death was just the beginning
Forget the lies, this is your destiny

Howling in the black winds the name of death
Shapeless, unseen figures are slithering
To the upturned symbol of despised religion
Mother of all darkness, to her we scream

A black hell of torment and eternal pain
As I die I know my place is...

7.2   0 818 kuuntelua
Black Metal

Ex Nihil Nihil 17.09.2004


From "Sodomizer of God" (2004)

A life not worth living
Breathing the fetid air
A hope not worth seeing
Falling into emptiness

I get ready to seperate
Non-being from being
I get ready to castrate
The morbid illusion of life

Anything goes
Nothing out of nothing
And anything goes
Nothing out of nothing
Anything goes
In my death throes
Anything goes
In this misery

A death not worth dying
But still so enticing
A dream of ever dreaming
Falling into emptiness

7.25   0 725 kuuntelua
Black Metal

Suicide by Chainsaw 17.09.2004


From "Sodomizer of God" (2004)

In the misty morning
When the sun is rising
For me the last time
For me the last time

My master Death awaits me
The mighty lord of release
From the agony of life
The unendurable agony of life

Bleeding from the guts
Scattered on the floor
Beyond the candles burning
Black shit on the walls

Suicide by chainsaw
Faint-hearted assholes
Dying by their own hand
Suicide by chainsaw

7.25   0 756 kuuntelua
Black Metal

Sodomizer of God 17.09.2004


Side A from "Sodomizer of God single" (2004)

The great big asshole is the sky
Whose lies fill the feeble minds
Should be brought down and shot
And sodomized by rock and roll

I am the sodomizer of god
I shine the Devil's helmet
I am the sodomizer of god
I torture his brown hole

Drinking beer is the way I wanna go
To the great hall in the sky
And fuck that sadistic asshole
Fuck to death, to the fucking death

I am the sodomizer of god
I shine the Devil's helmet
I am the sodomizer of god
I torture his brown hole

Mastering the art of black metal
Playing as loud as it can get...

7   0 773 kuuntelua
Black Metal

Blood on Satan's Claw 17.09.2004


Side B from "Sodomizer of God single" (2004)

In the still of the medieval midnight
Under the blood-red eclipsed moon
In times when pagan beliefs lingered
In the backwater rural villages
There Satan held his firmest grasp
In the damned minds of the children
Participating in abominable rites
For the greater glory of Satan
And Satan's might became manifest
With the rape and sacrifice of the innocent
And the the witch fires burned
And the darkness held firm in the minds
and in the black unknown woods
where there lies blood on Satan's claw...

Satan worship... Blood on Satan's claw...

7.25   0 744 kuuntelua
Black Metal

The Black Catharsis 16.07.2004


Hellrozen demo 2001

Enter the Void that brings no Solace
Bring thyself unto the Verge of Evil
With the deep Shadows that dance
Even as the candleflame stands still
Voices you hear are very real
The visions show you the truth

Embrace the Strength within
Enter the Black Catharsis
Let thee know thy own Will
Living for the Black Catharsis

I have destroyed that part of me
Which held the weakness of compassion
I have beheld the end and now I see
That which must be achieved

For emotion is forfeit
Secondary illusions of mind
For strength is right
Welling forth from Hell
Beholding the Throne of...

7.5   0 628 kuuntelua
Black Metal

To Ride the Wings of Black Death 16.07.2004


Hellfrozen demo 2001

Gliding through the black clouds of heaven
Towards the realm that seems so far away
Wisps of mist that hold me up in the sky

They make me wonder whether I am about die
The terror that grasps me is the terror of Death
It is a plague that infests this land

For to ride the Wings of Black Death
Is the initiation to a greater philosophy
The philosophy of the final chapter

Survivors stand strong at the pearly gates
Ready to strike down the golden door
And the white hall of despicable lies
Creators at our own right, we can take it no more

To ride the Wings of Black Death...

8.67   0 729 kuuntelua
Black Metal

The Throne of Hell 16.07.2004


Hellfrozen demo 2001

Bowing before the black inverted cross
A great mighty vision is granted to me
As I say the prayer of the black mass
As clear as a crystal it comes to me:

The Throne of Hell
Dark, evil and fell
The Throne of Hell
In my master's domain

The armies of Darkness are behind me
Flaming banners of the dark eternity
For those of the light to see
Even at that sight they shall flee
And the heaven shall be rent asunder
And the earth will tremble
And mountains will be levelled
And there shall be thunder and hailstorm

When we march for the Throne of Hell
When we rise in vegeance...

8.5   2 770 kuuntelua
Black Metal

A Ritual 16.07.2004


Hellfrozen demo 2001

A darkness covers the grove of dead trees
And a fog that rises from the soil
A ring of dark brothers on their knees
Is gathered here under a full moon

Dagger that will drink the blood of men
Is delivered from hand to hand
Each eager to bring this to conclusion
Awaiting the sweet release of death

As the blade encircles the altar
We begin a deep chant that echoes
In the black woods all around us
Awaiting an end to all our woes

The chanting stops and thunder roars
In the distant shadowy hills
A wind rises and the moon is hidden
I hold high the sacrifical dagger


6.5   4 1002 kuuntelua
Black Metal

Damnation of the Soul 16.07.2004


Hellfrozen demo 2001
I wake up in the dark
Seeing nothing, hearing nothing
What is this place
Why can't I feel anything

Yet now, as I stretch the senses
I feel it's getting warmer
I can hear a funeral mass
And smell something burning

Damnation of the soul
The crematory awaits
Damnation of the soul
Incinerated alive

Something closes behind me
I scream but no-one hears me
The heat is intensifying
I almost hear people crying

Is there a god in heaven
Any mercy for the damned
To allow such a horror
As my heart pounds louder

Damnation of the soul
Purgatory realized
Damnation of the soul

8   0 693 kuuntelua
Black Metal

Winter of Satanic Carnage 10.01.2005


A blast from the satanic past

Composed in 1996, guitars and vocals re-recorded in 2001

7.33   0 658 kuuntelua
Black Metal

Pagan Bloodshed 10.01.2005


A blast from the satanic past

Composed in 1996, guitars and vocals re-recorded in 2001

7.33   0 666 kuuntelua
Black Metal

Black Unholy Terror 10.01.2005


A blast from the satanic past

Composed in 1996, guitars and vocals re-recorded in 2001

7.75   2 769 kuuntelua
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