Darkempire: Iadnamad


Irgil chis da ds pa-aox busd caosgo ds chis
od ip uran feloch cacrg oi salman loncho
od vovina carbaf

bagle avavago gohon
ozozma plapli iadnamad

tabaori priaz ar tabaz adrpan cors ta
dobix iolcam priazi ar coazior
od quash qting ripir paaoxt sa la cor
vml od prdzar cacrg aoiveae cormpt


How many are there
which remain in the glory of the Earth,
which are, and shall not
see death until this house fall
and the Dragon sink.

For the thunders have spoken;
make us partakers of
undefiled knowledge.

Govern those that govern;
cast down such as fall;
bring forth with those that increase,
and destroy the rotten.
No place let it remain in one number;
add and diminish until the stars be numbered.