Antagonist Ameba: Souls Welded into Cruciform

Coming to terms with all that seems abnormal,
Caught in a well of souls beyond this realm.
Immortal craving for a second sight,
Imagine the cross beckoning me.

Souls in cruciform,
Welded into shape,
Thank their creator
With unending hate.

Darkened the dreams beyond comprehension,
Sensations shift into subconscious.
Being brainwashed brings out the worst in me.
Gleaming seams corroded and fragile.

Blinded eyes of the enlightened
Hallucinate of a better place.
Hollow words starve me to death,
Frustration born, becoming an instinct.

Unborn god tearing my soul
Claims a hold of my surroundings.
In fire baptized, cleanse me of life,
Exciting dreams are all that remains.