Sinclined: All Sins Denied

So relieved that it's all over
Too many nights without sleep
Do I dream or am I awake?
Endless hours of delusion
Until the dawn of a new day
Why do these nightmares feel so real?
Tell me why!

And again it makes me suffer
Images of her everywhere
As if I've seen it all before
My questions were never answered
Blank spots beneath the surface
So won't you please take me along?

So tempted and so weak
I can no longer resist
Horrid pictures of my past
Invade my consciousness

No! I won't believe it!
You... Who are you?
No! This isn't me!
Why are you showing me all this?

-This is who you are
-Belive it or not
I'm not!
-For all these years
-You've run away
-Away from your past
I wanted to move on!
-From all you did
Don't do this to me
-From all your fears
Just leave me alone!
-Rejected it all
I'll make you eat shards of glass if you don't shut the fuck up!