Sinclined: Blood Red Blossoms

This crimson scenery won't leave me alone
All is covered in red
This sick charade unveils to my eyes
I can no longer escape

Blood, hate, fear, final farewell
-It was you
Are these my real memories?
-It is True
Bloom, End, Tears, Night Falls inside me
-You are through
Now I'm left only with the fear
-Like She Was too

Too frightened to run
Too confused to predict

"I... I Remember...
-Remember, how you gave her roses.
How she smiled at me...
I think that's when we fell...
-How she fell for it... love...
-And then she fell on the floor...
What did you do?
-No... what did You do?"

I'm Awake
This can't be real
But Dreams Are all I see
I'd never hurt her

Wake up!
You Know it's real
But you did!

Why do you haunt me
All the time
With your lies
I cannot take it!

Why did you tell me all this
This is just too much to take
Take me away from everything
Everything is just a mess in my head

Reveal yourself
Show your face
What's the deal with all this dismay
I'll make you pay for everything you did to me
To her, to everyone

And as I reach my entity
I become
Not only one, but two

The silent scars that may decieve
I didn't see
It was my fault all along