Contimental: Ruled By Da Dollah

Ruled By Da Dollah (Contimental)

Music copyright: T. Ikonen/P. Saikkonen/P. Gustafsson/R. Väkevä/K. Pohjavirta
Lyrics copyright: K. Pohjavirta

Poor broddah on plantation
Die wid hiz famalee
Onna mee-steerious toxication
Da profit eez pocketed by Mista White Mon
Sittin’ inna White House an da Pentagon

Thanks to Genetical Moneypulation
Da Government found
Salvation for da nation
Bio Fuel Imperial ® bought da plantation
For da U.S; no shortages, no starvation

So, me good daughter and me good son
Don’t evah become like Mista White Mon
You can yell an’ you can holler
Don’t let ya be ruled by da dollah

Dem Whities – gettin’ a tan on da beaches
Dem Whities – are just like dem leeches
Dem Whities – comin’ an’ suck all da riches
Dem Whities – cut ya but give ya no stitches