Contimental: Why Dontcha Git Up?

Why Dontcha Git Up? (Contimental)

Music copyright: T. Ikonen/P. Saikkonen/P. Gustafsson/R. Väkevä/K. Pohjavirta
Lyrics copyright: K. Pohjavirta

Don’t make no difference what you said
But every time, babe, we are in bed
I feel like I was made of lead
I can’t say you’re hot, let alone red

Huh-huh-huh, to tell the truth honey
I’m fed up with you
I need you like I need a hole in my head
As far as I’m concerned, you can drop dead for all I care

Why dontcha git up
Up on your two pretty feet
An’ walk, run, buzz off, git outta my sight
Take a walk out on me, walk away to the beat
In the heat of the night

Just like every f***in’ cop who’s on the take
You’re nuthin’ but a poor, cheap, lousy fake
I’d like to see you go an’ dive into some lake

( Hello, Kenny! I’m your new social worker
from our Interdisciplinary Domestic Crisis
Intervention Team – quite a mouthful, isn’t it? - and
I’m here to evaluate just a little bit your present
situation, so – let’s have a look of it, shall we?)

Why dontcha git up…

(Kenny, you are 19 years of age, unemployed,
convicted juvenile delinquent, council tenant,
and your girlfriend Sheila is a teenage mother
on child allowance benefit and a recent re-hab
drop-out, now, Kenny…)

Aww, bollocks, up yours!

(…I see with my very own eyes drug paraphernalia
lying around in the premises as we speak, so, Kenny,
do you agree with me if I say I see a Vicious Circle
spinning around here, hm?)

Why dontcha git up…