Refrain Exitium: Eyes Open Wide

Now I'm a new man, the guilt is gone, a new path opens for me.
The world I used to live is shattered, it's broken, how can I find myself anymore?
They kept me in darkness for all those wicked years, now I'm finally free
I hope that no-one will ever suffer the pain that has haunted me.


Eyes open wide I look to the sky, feeling reliefed, my freedom is set.
I will find myself from this cradle of filth.
My eyes are open wide (I think I could fly).
Those things I once did was not the same man, I speak
I speak of wisdom and peace, don't rate me by the things I committed.

Oo, rate me as the man I am now, just give me but a chance somehow, I think I can survive this world, but it will take work. EYES OPEN WIDE!

Look at this world, can you see it's rotten heart?
For what I've learned is that man is bound to self-distruct.
Don't you realize what you've done when you burned the planet down?
We're here to die, but what's the hurry?