Intracerebrally Consuming Cephalalgia...: Disemboweled For Disgusting Sluggish And Grinding Sick Gastric Ulcer Fucking Purposes

From hospital I find him
I salt his wounds with salt to make him suffer
Rapidly hacking the stomach open wide
And throwing out the intestines all over
I stick my cock in his gastric ulcer
It feels good to fuck half dead man
As he starts to scream I slice his throat
And I gurgle on his blood spray

When he dies I urinate on his body
And shoot my big load in his bile
Stuffing my turds in his gastric ulcer
I make artistic shit paintings on his stomach
His abdomen is full of filth and flies
Intestines replaced with feces
Body fluids replaced with urine and semen
Now he is handsome and fuckable
Again for my dirty slut games
After I'm in all kinds of shit with a dead body
I think I should dump this old one
And go get a new one.