Hotdog Plague: Dreaming Away

She knows her hands are shaking.
MORE DRUGS , she needs to calm down.
Aware of the stuff she's meddling with
Her heart calls for SATISFACTION.

She lays down and tears her clothes off.
One more sec her blood starts boiling.
She shuts her eyes, pain is gone.
Wonder if she sees Him again...?

...back to her Neverland.
Flying with Peter Pan.
...back to her Neverland...
Last time her eyes turned black.

Tangled in her dreams,
So far away.
Slowly fading,
She dreams away.

It's not the end of this story.
It's just the beginning.
She sings the anthem of glory,
Beyond the reality.
A brand new life ahead,
As the adept of silence.
She lays down in seabed,
enticed BY HIS SCENT


She’s… enticed… by his scent! By his scent!

Slowly fading,
poor girl loses her conscious.
Too much dreams she's seen.
Morpheus' name was treason.
Eyes shut, closed, sealed.
She will not wake up,
She's dreaming away-ay-ay...