Corruptör: Honorable Dead

(Verse 1:)
19 years, I've lived too much
Got to be a man, got to be tough
Only so much pain, can one withstand
War makes a boy a man

I've got to show em, don't know why
I've got to kill and got to die
Show them that we're never weak
Never cry, but wounds they're deep

(Verse 2:)
Told me I was born a killing machine
Afraid of monster becoming of me
I've got fight
kill in sight!
Nowhere to hide, I've found
A demon inside!

(Verse 3:)
Got to life my life just like a normal man
I don't want to question it or understand
Although the hole in my soul, I've got to walk straight
They promised too much for me, and now it's too late

(Verse 4:)
Wake up screaming every night
end is nowhere in sight
Curled up in a ball alone
Praying god, oh why oh why
life is wasted
I just want to die

Why did they do this to me
I should've known, I should've seen
They talk and we heed the lie
Talking honorable dead
And now we live, after we die