Save The Fallen: Red Sunrise

The night god was born,
a prophecy was made,
among the evil spirits,
a demon was created.

The night ends and the day arrives
Now reveal our sacrifice

Demon within in human kind,
spilling blood on edge of time.
Killing those who see no faith,
shedding passion every day.

When the last star of the pure sky dies out,
the hope of the fallen is gone by the night,
the agony, the leprosy, the rage of god almight,
is drilling into the hearts of hoi polloi!

A heathenish plague obsessing through history,
blood unholy covering avenues of Camai,
The herald of dark lords preaching with harm,
expansible blackness taking hearts --

(Starting the final judgement, our time has arrived to its end.
We only see the eyes of belsebub from now onward.)

A wish from an innocent girl,
has traveled through many ears,
finally reaching the hands of god,
stopping this unprecedented punishment...