Drown Me Blue: Gone

All the friends I’ve lost
Gone just for getting kicks
Fixing a hole too deep
‘Till there’s no place left for the hit

Dead - Gone - Lost forever
Dead - Gone - Who remembers your name

Keep the mind unaware
That something’s very wrong
Spirit has gone beyond
But feet keep walking on

Memory buried alive

Too scared to face the world
Care for just one thing
Need to get something more
To give a numbing sting

Will someone miss you

Now you’re not coming back
Somewhere lost the trace
Though I won’t follow you
I believe you found a better place

Weren’t you told that’s how it goes

Desperate to fill up the gap
You travelled right off the map
Nothing left of you
But the fact that you’re never coming back

Didn’t I go didn’t I stay
What it was worth what it was not
What it was and what it is now
Never found out

Same for you and same for me
Tears give some relief
I still can feel the pain
But I think it had to end this way