At the Stake

Medical Jester | 01.06.2010 | Heavy Metal

A song with some speedy elements and fatalistic feelings.
Demo recording, 2010.

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I saw an evil with a skeleton horse
He was haunting a virgin
Cover the eyes of the children
Better not let 'em see

We are running to an early grave
This will be our last day
I wanna die as pure as a martyr
I was tainted in birth by the evil himself

Long live alchemy
Long live astrology
Long live occults and telepaths
They may die at the stake
But the spirit can't be killed
Long live heathens and heretics

Halo and corona have been given to us
At the dawn of mankind
I wanna dwell in melancholy
Watching these solemn moments

The world will turn into a funeral pyre
They'll chase the innocent out of their hides
Holy men with perverse desires
Will torture their victims 'till they confess

Long live...

What was saved by heroes in the war
Is on this day ruined with and without swords
And those who resist, they will die - at the stake


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