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12.12.2008 // Rocktown, Hämeenlinna

Thrash-death-metal with big choruses, screaming and clean vocals, hard rhythms and fast lead guitars. That's what 2005 formed Medicated is all about.

Being formed by Jesse, Samuli and Pertti along Henri and Dani, Medicated composed their first own thrash-technical songs, played a couple of gigs and released a self-titled promo in 2006.

After the first release it was time for Medicated to step things up. Line-up changes were made. Things were taken up a notch when Aleksi (Imperanon) came to take over the mic-stand and Jani took over the bass duties. Medicated was reborn - tougher than ever.

New songs were written, rehearsed and played live across southern Finland. In the fall 2007 it was time to start the ambitious recording of the second release called "Magnum for Amen". A lot of technical and schedule-problems occurred, and because of this it took a year to finish the promo. But the result speaks for itself.

Just before the release, the band got endorsed by TC Electronics and Schecter guitars - to support their way towards a record deal and to spread their testament throughout the world. Also, during the recordings, two friends of the band wanted to have a guest appearance on the promo. Mr. Crab (Bleak, Dimebag Beyond Forever, Guitar Heroes) nailed the solo on "Scream for God" and Aleksi Virta (Finntroll) composed the keyboards for the songs.

Now Medicated - a young band with great potential is ready to switch the guitar amps to 11 and blast their combination of aggressive and melodic metal. There will be no intentions to stop here but to squeeze out all the ambition, skill and emotion into the future releases and gigs.


Peritonal 07.09.2008


Magnum For Amen EP
Raita 2

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Tying A Tongue 07.09.2008


Magnum For Amen EP
Raita 3

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Triggerself 07.09.2008


Magnum For Amen EP
Raita 4

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