Mysore | 10.07.2010 | Alternative Metal

Musiikki: Vuorio / Säde
Sanoitukset: Säde

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9.50   1978 kuuntelua

Kappaleen sanat


This is the second time I found myself
As I watch others having whitest troubles, I get evilpleasures


Folding angel grease me with your tears, cause train of life is running and running like overstressed heart, heart of divine misery

No one picks you up from fall, no one feels you when you`re gone
Gone is my essence, but who cares it after all
God light the way, I will crawl


You`re lost so alone say goodbye
You`ll find yourself struggling with peaces of shining forever
Just hold me, love me, feel whole spirit around me
I`m blinded by the cold liars, healed up diviners, roaming alone with my darkest fears


Hourglass is ending, the whole world is shaking in my hands
Somebody help me I`m breaking, whole world is shaking in hands

Nights without crying, days without lieing
it`s just a dream, not to come, there`s no one to save me


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