Enter The Void

Ordog | 27.02.2014 | Death/Doom

A song from our upcoming album "Trail For The Broken." The release date is at 21.3.2014.

(Because of mp3 format the quality is not the best possible.)

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Entering to halls somber and dense
To prodigious landscapes of my loss
Streams of perpetual distress
Dashing down remembrances

Drifting forth
Without urge to live
Closed the gate
Weary to feel

Tarnished trails, misleading roads
Hollow deep into core, absence of existence
Wallowing in lead, shriveling of light
Tied within these chambers, past stained

No way out from this fear, depression pulls hard, it covets the night sky
Sprawl in pain, soon the shades are gone, Lips releasing silent scream, no one left to believe

Dread is eternal, wrath never sleeps, now you are part of me, close it me
Under weight of the world, it scapes this all.


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