Big Beat

Tambo Urine 03.01.2022


Helo, I am back after brief hiatus. This song is dedicated to everyone working in the mink industry on Hiiumaa. Take care everybody.

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God Rest Ye Many, Gentlemen 12.12.2009


A christmas greetings from Paavel Jurrok!

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Dark Ambient

Andoormedar 10.11.2009


Helo. I make this track in collabortion with Johan Goppe5. Enjoy.

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Jeanteau Man 15.06.2008


The song is a personal musing on inevitability, a subject which I am very interested in. Like the inevitability of downfall, and the dark one's rise to power. I like the part where it goes "click-chiki-blop" and then it goes quiet for a little bit, then something similar happens again.

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Camel Box (Paavel's remix) 16.12.2007


Helo. This is my remix of "Camel Box" (original song @ It is co-produced by Johan Goppe5, who knows more than I do about the innovative timestretch effect. Thanks to Scanbox and his friend.

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Lawn 15.08.2007


I made this for Estonian television show, it was not accept.

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Dark Ambient

Amari N. Bagram 25.06.2007


So after a brief hiatus I am back to making music. This track was made in dedication to the brave souls who.

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Dark Ambient

Jourmey 18.02.2004


This is a track I wrote for nature film.

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Dark Ambient

Milki Beion 18.02.2004


While I was hospitalized for severe pneumonia in 1985 I thought up foundations for this track. My brothers niece Svetlana Marenko lended her voice to it. It turned out a pretty nice pop song with a hopeful build.

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Dark Ambient

Leino 18.02.2004


This track I wrote back in spring 2001, the sun shines through clouds on Paldiski suburbia. Winter is gone and summer is at doorsteps.

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Dark Ambient

Voib 18.02.2004


When my rabbit Powder left me in 1989 i felt huge void in my heart. Now I have new rabbit called Powder.

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Mun Kanini 18.02.2004


Released this track as collaboration with my brother Reet ( on Beat Records in Estonia. Didn't do well on charts or sales.

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