Life will get you

Plans | 25.07.2006 | Folk

I wish I could wake up
And people would tell me
That they do understand
And that they don’t
the way life keeps treating me

No, life wont get you
And inside its wings
there’s shelter for all
For it understands
there is always right and wrong

That I’m able to love
after all that is done
That I can still shed my tears
after all I have hid

That I can end this smile
when I see you cry
for the things you’ve lost
and for the ones I told you’d lose

That life is not that blue
at this house that's left by you
That I can maintain what’s mine
Even though it has slipped my mind

That there’s people here to care
even when they are alright
Here to help, to share
when I am not alright

That there is life you can replace
A life as good as new.
And when people got you down.
The new ones will love you.

That there is no more lies
In the corners of their minds
And when they see you down
They will love you like you’re fine

That once you look outside
There’s a chance and not despise
You’ll see kindness like it is
And not the virtues others missed

That no water is so dark
You’d find your calmness there
There’s still good air to breath
And no wonders there beneath

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