Say Goodbye To Love

Poop Dilan | 06.10.2018 | Ballad

Biisin nimi ja siihen liittyvä melodian pätkä tuli vastaan unessa, sen ympärille täytyi sitten kyhätä jonkinlainen teos, jossa Poop pääsee taas esittelemään tönkkö-englantiaan.

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Say Goodbye To Love (2018)

Why did you have to
walk out of my life
without telling why?
Too many questions,
where you were there is still,
many vacant moments left to fill.
Addiction, longing
the hounds of the mind
chasing the doubt
you left behind.

Say goodbye to love
say goodbye to love
don't leave me hanging
cut the strands of hope above.
Say goodbye to love
say goodbye to love
even when the truth hurts
don't baffle this virtuous dove.

I pray for a knife
your rope rubbing my neck
lone years as a wreck.
Guilt reigns the gallows
must have done something wrong
I've been waiting vainly for this long.
I'd rather fall down
hard on the ground
than live through forgiveness
vaguely bound.

Say goodbye to love...

Vultures throw the dice on your tomb
sunset dyes the hill of the doom
you may put the blame on me
just set me free, let me fly free.

Say goodbye to love...


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