Poop Dilan | 09.09.2019 | Light Rock

Poop kävelee mielellään, koska se auttaa unohtamaan murehtimansa asiat.

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Walking (2019)

Walking, watching brimstone butterflies
walking I'm feeling
the springtime passing by.
I'm walking, enjoying
those cherry trees in bloom
in the central park
where the Sun dates her groom.
I'm walking, I'm hearing
how a greenfinch tunes his voice
life is calling me to rejoice.

Walking, I'm walking
there's something on my heels.
Walking, faster
away from home
from the scents that could reveal
the memories I'm fleeing
all the blanks in my being
the affection that I used to feel
so I'm walking, I'm walking
because if I stop
I'll start thinking about you.

Walking I'm receding from the keys
walking away from the
birthday melodies.
Away from the red Ford
not on the parking lot
away from phones and tabs,
mails that I haven't got.
Away from the balcony
the last move of the queen
the sofa bed, the lovemaking scene.


many miles from restaurants,
sushi, Nepalese,
the kebab sauce smell still haunts.
Too many tasty things
Fresita, chicken wings
too many milestones to avoid
becoming a paranoid
scared to pause, to see the cause.



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