You Don't Serve Me Anymore

Poop Dilan | 22.10.2018 | Pop-Soul

Tarina elämän tuopista ja tarjoilun loppumisesta. Lisää kehnoa ääntämistä ja väärää äänialaa. (tämä biisi, kuten myös tuo aiempi Say Goodbye To Love, osallistuivat Band-in-a-box foorumilla biisikisaan, jossa piti käyttää tiettyjä tyylejä, siksi suhteellisen riisuttu sovitus).

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You Don't Serve Me Anymore (2018)

You filled my mug of life with foam
but happy hours are long gone
you made me feel like I am home
now how am I supposed to go on?
Cooling stream of sparkling joy
from the vessel of your heart
I could enjoy bites of kindness
you were serving a la carte.

It's been a long time since your last call
it's hard to swallow the aftertaste, the bitter fall
you don't serve me anymore
you don't serve me anymore.

Your stout embrace intoxicating
an age-old spirit that made me strong
you let me be a vulnerable
uncertain man, you let me belong.
please forgive if I have been
heavy-handed or too loud
or was I just drinking too much
to be stranded and shut out?

It's been a long time...

I have many stories to tell
but there is no one who listens to
life on the rocks, living through hell
like you did for years before
but you don't serve me anymore.

I was an actor in your play
but my glass is empty now
you have got what you wished from me
it's my time to take a bow.
Just for good and old times' sake
could I get a final round?
I will accept it's my last shout
and then I'll leave you chances downed.

It's been a long time...

Your door is closed
I'm out on the streets, exposed
the shadows of my past on my heels
an unwelcome man, that's how life feels.


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Windywalk 26.10.2018
Tää biisi sopisi taas johonkin hämärään, savuiseen kapakkaan. Hyvin rentoa, haikeeta meininkiä. Kauniit sanat. Tuplaus kertsissä sopii hyvin. Soundit kohdillaan, selkeesti erottaa kaikki soittimet ja kivasti levitetty raidat. Hienoa jälleen kerran poopilta :)
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