Nobody's Best Friend

REBELROCK | 25.04.2011 | Country

Here's a MIND-A-STRAY song "NOBODY'S BEST FRIEND": http://www.rockworksst...

Here are the lyrics:

"I feel they liked me more then
The way I used to be
Life within control, no alcohol

Now they’ve gone too far away
Impossible to see
Can you help me gain back my control?

And then
What do they see?
Ask them about it
And how to deal with frustration and pain

I betrayed?
Ask them about it
I fear that I’ll be alone and insane

‘Cos no more
I’m nobody’s best friend
No more nobody’s best friend

I’m falling in between
Two worlds I used to have
Neither one is bringing me no joy

Belonging only nowhere
And people treat me sad
I’m regressing to that scary, helpless boy

And then
What do I see?
Don’t ask about it
My life so slowly just fading away

Do I try?
Ask me about it!
Walking lonely this endless mile

Every day


‘Cos no more
I’m nobody’s best friend
No more I’m nobody’s best friend"

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