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And any guitarists out there: I can seriously recommend getting John McLaughlin's DVD set "This Is The Way I Do It"! Marvelous piece of analytical guitar playing lessons.

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Jazz Fusion

Evening Falls (ambient remix) 12.06.2007


Stripped down version of Evening Falls (without drums)

9.5   7 3682 kuuntelua
Jazz Fusion

Anxious 30.09.2005


Feeling anxious. Improvisation over electric piano and drum background.

8.84   35 5567 kuuntelua
Jazz Fusion

Zaire 25.12.2005


Groovy song taking you to the heart of Africa. A short test tune, where I wanted to try the new drum library. General feel is quite ridiculous and solos horrible, but maybe it offers some fun moments.

8.6   18 3834 kuuntelua
Jazz Fusion

Kalkutta on my mind 13.04.2006


Improvised tribute to Shakti & John McLaughlin.

9   2 2492 kuuntelua
Jazz Fusion

Royal Flush 24.12.2005


What can beat the royal flush?

A bit complicated song in spirit of John McLaughlin, Dennis Chambers and Mike Stern.

Drums and bass programmed with MIDI, guitar and keyboards improvised and recorded over the backing tracks.

8.83   26 4534 kuuntelua
Jazz Fusion

Syksy (Autumn) (BIG TIME GROUP) 01.10.2005


Big Time Group is a fusion jazz group formed by me and three of my friends, where I play the guitar. I included this live-recording from our first gig. Improvised solo-fool-around on a simple chord structure

8.75   10 3482 kuuntelua
Jazz Fusion

Evening Falls 30.09.2005


Evening falls. A bit melancholic improvisation.

8.67   7 2792 kuuntelua
Jazz Fusion

Rain 30.09.2005


Rain falls down. Another atmospheric and a bit melancholic improvisation.

9.33   15 4312 kuuntelua
Jazz Fusion

Butterfly 30.09.2005


Juhana Saarinen came to visit my studio and we sat down and improvised. Juhana on keyboards.

9.33   2 2498 kuuntelua
Jazz Fusion

Waves 01.10.2005


Chilly groove with percussion background, solos improvised in spirit of Pat Metheny.

9.5   1 2224 kuuntelua
Jazz Fusion

Morning 01.10.2005


Spirited and joyful jazzy groove.

9.33   1 2470 kuuntelua
Jazz Fusion

Summer 01.10.2005


Summer feeling...

9.5   1 2224 kuuntelua
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