Selfblind | 06.03.2009 | Death/Thrash

Remembrance (EP) 6/6

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Once again, the bitch raises it's ugly head.
Neuroses are such lousy lovers.
These chemicals,
they rule my life,
diluting everything.
Turning progress into nothing.

Another day and another decision.
To disconnect myself from reality.
Can't bear the weight of the self accusations.
I'm fucking up remembrance again.

I can't pretend,
to give a shit about myself.
A luxury I can never afford.
If you cant' take the pain,
just slit your wrists and slip away.
But I never liked it the easy way.


Remorse....Is a cancer that feeds on the wretched.
Whores....selling faith in the midst of dismay.
Trading placebo for all that decays.


Another day is the same.


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