Hardcore Punk

Until the cages lay empty 25.09.2006


Uusi biisi tulevalta levyltä jonka nauhoitukset on kesken

Man is an animal but a privileged one/born with a freedom of choice/whether to with his hedonistic own exitance to smother his hands in blood/Tie me up/beat me down/make me live staring to wall/As long as the consenstration camps are held up by the law/i wont turn my eyes away/wont be silent anymore/Until the cages lay empty/Wont be silent anymore/Until the cages lay empty/

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Hardcore Punk

As the flames reach higher 13.08.2006


Uusi biisi tulevalta levyltä jonka nauhoitukset on kesken

Hear the humans screaming/screaming claustrofobically/like little mice they are running/running without a shelter/There will be no salvation/night will never turn to dawn/no salvation/Take my hand and watch the flames reach higher/Higher and higher/

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Hardcore Punk

Memorials 21.03.2006


A blindstare/stares at a flagpole decoration/wants to follow in their footsteps/shoot and kill for the borders/
(We should never forget)/all the horror we layed down in the past/all the young soldiers wearing gasmasks/
How many memorials must we build/how many tombstones must we grave/
(We should never forget)/all the horror we layed down in the past/all the young soldiers wearing gasmasks/when will mankind learn from their mistakes/
Sanotaan että sininen ja valkoinen/värit ovat vapauden/mutta verenpunainen on muisto isien/
(We should never forget)/all the horror we layed down in the...

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Hardcore Punk

Brotherhood of braindead 21.03.2006


Loving your race is kinda hard/most of them are fuckin retards/
Nazifucks and skinheads/climax of the white man/Nazifucks and skinhead/the brotherhood of braindead/

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Hardcore Punk

New age crusade 21.03.2006


Like faith been shoved down our throats/brought to us by spreas and swords/nowadays they wont stop unti in their reign hole world is caught/
The newage crusade/they march on/theres nothing to march for/
Cast us down with closeranged missiles/send our freedom in to exile/

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Hardcore Punk

Make a fist 21.03.2006


Like two fools frozen in time we stand here eyes open wide/half a meter of air breathes between us/then you say something you should have forgot/I forget something I should say/
Then I make a fist/make my stand/I wont tolerate this/wont be you`re sacrifice lamb/

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Hardcore Punk

Hello god 21.03.2006


Hello God/are you there/its me/you`re best friend/did you took the day off/when you should have filled the holes in the shit you tought us/
You told me I should be afraid of you/well Im not scared/come down from there/where you torch our world/you sick fuck/I`ll make the walls of religion come crashing down/
How`s your belowed son doing/yeah the one you crusified to the cross/how`s your world domination going with the mindless cattle that you brainwashed/
Burn all the religious relics/symbols of nazi leadership/

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