3rd December 2008

The new female singer of the Finnish melodic metal masters Tacere is "Taiya R." from the city of Tampere, Finland. She was selected after a long application process lasting for over 6 months. Tacere also hired a new keyboard player, "Veli-Matti Kananen", who is best known for playing with bands such as Poisonblack and Eternal Tears of Sorrow. Here is what the band's leader "Karri Knuuttila" had to say about the situation:

"We were astonished about the huge amount of singers applying for the band from all around the world. Making a decision about the new singer was hard as there were a lot of talented applicants, some of who already had existing publicity and status. But in Taiya we found the perfect singer: She is extremely talented, looks killer, has a very cool attitude & stage presence and most importantly her personality fits the band perfectly. Now with the new line-up the motivation of the band is higher than ever and we're really excited about the future of our band."

Tacere is planning to enter the studios in February 2009 to start recording a follow up for the 2007 debut album "Beautiful Darkness". No release schedule is yet announced as the band is still looking for a proper partner to release the album with. Tacere also opened up a new website and a new Myspace site, both sites including pictures of the new line-up and a couple of demo preproduction versions of 2nd album Tacere songs with vocal performances from Taiya. The band will also have the first live performance with the new line-up already during this month in Helsinki, the capital city of Finland.

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