The Props | 10.03.2007 | Indie

EP:n kolmas raita. Otteita harhaisen pojan päiväkirjasta...

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I see you walking there with your hair untied
And I know you know I'm here
Does it make you sad

I know what you want to have for lunch
And I know what you want to wear tonight
I know so much more than him
More than him

Oh babe
You know I just can't take without you
I'm poor, I'm sad
Oh maybe
I just want to keep on dreaming

I know, you just want to tease me a bit
You don't really mean what you're saying
I can see right through you

And I know you bought that dress just make me jealous of you
Am I right? Am I truly right about this?
Come on!

Oh babe
You know I just want to see you dumb that guy
Oh yeah
Would you really do it for me?


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