Testin me


Alright I am M$PBI new at this whole thing... of music writing and spitting lyrics and i am trying and doing my best to be better and at times i feel like i should give up because i get a bad comment here and there like i mean when i was thinking about starting i thought i was going to be the best right away with the best sound and flow and then when i started it seemed harder then i thought my brother said it was easy and its harder then it looks and sounds because you have to do this and that and then you have to get used of hearing those bad comments because you think your good but other people think different do i wanna mbefore i ever do get into cause realli i wanna get people hyped around me lke friends and family before i hitt out there in the bigger world cause once i know i have people hyped here and then maybe i can get them hyped there ya never know like realli its hard to be good, never thought i would say that but it is cause you have to be you more then anything and not let the fame go to head, like i have any thou so i wouldnt know what im talking about but yeah i wanna be good one day and i do hope one day i am good.... alright im outty peace music deal hell yeah but i mean i wanna be good

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