-V- | 06.10.2009 | Avant-Garde Metal

\"Graysnow\" is a pre-recorded teaser for the upcoming album.

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I feel so filthy
I'll rub my skin clean 'till it peels
It is time to shed it again
To pass through all yesterdays

I am going to rest for a while now
Drift in the seas of sleep
Through these days too aching to confront
I am naked under pouring rain

I can't eat (life could endure)
I can't sleep (death would overtake)
I can't speak (words desert me)
I can't cry (in these tears i'm drowning)

Where were you when all fell down?
When earth crumbled and sky cried
Where were you when I gave up?
And bled dry on the gray crusted snow

Are you in new lift or do you feel the same?
Emptied promises, unbearable pain
In distress I recall everything you gave away
You'll be remembered as walls close in


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Virttu tässä on voimaa! pakko faniutua. Arvostelisin jos osaisin, mutta kun ei oo oikeen tietotaitoa.
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Eltsi74 06.10.2009
Järisyttävää! Tästä kuullaan vielä! Sairaan hyvä!
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