Evolutionary Project

Vortech | 05.09.2007 | Industrial Metal

The first "single" from the album Wasteland (2007). It's quite groovy and heavy with some nice dark passages here and there.

All music, lyrics and arrangements by Juha Untinen

Guest vocals by Kraken

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The system has failed
Prominent hostility
Governed by fear
7.62 mm quarrel

The world in flames
Political bigot games
Machines of society
Grinding to a halt

Darkness surrounds us
Abandoned in the shadows of war
Piercing cold to puncture the deal of doom

Evolutionary project
Dissidents are silently repressed
Shadowclad enforcers
Denied of all remorses

Martial law provides all they need
their leaders' call they will heed
Confined in concrete cells
publicizing your private hells

Debased world order
Shedding blood for the human gods
Crooked fate, anonymous hate
A system designed to lacerate

War never changes
The embers smoulder strong with passionate zeal
No escape as the shelling rages
Your mind you cannot feel


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Junkala 06.09.2007
Asiallista meininkiä, hyvin soitettu ja hyvin miksattu.
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