Done with love

Ziri | 13.03.2007 | R'n'B

The beat is made by a swedish producer called Of PerZia and lyrics/melody made by me: Production: Roger Ojala
It's not ready thou' the singing is not that good because I had a cold when we recorded it:(

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Katya 13.12.2007
mi love <3
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LILQuest 26.03.2007
Ok, first of all I just gotta know how you guys have done that "Cher-style" mixing in that chorus ?? Is it done with some software or what ?
'Cause it's sounds pretty great !
The beat is kind of avarage, nothing special. Drums don't kick as much as they should in this kind of beat. Beat is, how do I say it, kind of empty ? Instruments aren't sharp enough. Especially those strings could be so much bigger and stronger. That distrorted bassline sounds good but it's could be more up. Like this it just fades in the background.

You pronounce english really good. And the voice is one of the best that i've heard here in Mikseri. The song is mixed pretty good but i don't know, verses sound kind of cold. If I had mixed this song I think I would have doubled more those vocals of yours in the verses also, just like in chorus. Just to get those great vocals warmer and richer. Just a little bit of background vocals could suite this kind of song really good.

Great stuff even though I found many things that could be improved...
But hey that's just me, the perfectionist !
Like I already said, you definitely have one of the best voices here in Mikseri and I'm looking forward to here more like this tracks in your project.
Jep !!
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Don Bigileone 09.06.2007
This is amazing, i agree with Beipe!
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dt1 13.03.2007
Måst erkänna, att idag e en bättre dag att höra den här låten, än då jag hörde den på Funkdammen. Ja diggar. Kanske det e solen, kanske det e du, kanske de e en kombination, men de här får mej nog nu på extra bra humör!'s bästa sångare, vågar ja påstå :)
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