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lisätä rajattomasti biisejä, luoda oman artistisivun, kerätä arvosteluja ja faneja



Wednesday 10. Octoberta 2007

vu-us release odkid album!

I'll put it here also - Belgian label vu-us released odkid-album called "Space Filler Tracks". You can get it from Duotone Records in Japan, by... Lue lisää


Wednesday 09. Mayta 2007

Suomi on osa Ruotsia!

http://hiki.pedia.ws/wiki/Suur-Ruotsi Lue lisää


Thursday 03. Augustta 2006

Shit i'm 23 today.

So i turned another page in these years. And i still am just a kid, wonder when it's gonna change. Am i gonna feel like this forever? In some way i... Lue lisää


Saturday 24. Juneta 2006

New songs coming up! - Uusia biisejä!

I made a few pieces just recently, intending to do more so I can make a release (cd-r maybe?) which will include some older songs also (I recorded... Lue lisää


Thursday 17. Novemberta 2005

New chrome shining!

Yeah it's on again so i can kill time here instead. Lue lisää


Tuesday 11. Octoberta 2005

The machine is broken!

Electricity is strange - it broke my computer though the thing wasn't even on! Reliable, girls & dudes. Lue lisää


Thursday 16. Juneta 2005

Neu odkid album released!

Yep, it's done. Took many years of me to make it real. Buy it for 5 euros or maybe less if you're the nicest. Ask if you desire. Lue lisää


Thursday 05. Augustta 2004

Joutseno/joensuu rocked summereality

the result of a 3-week vacation was a record by Tupakkakerho (me & two friends), and 3 brand new odkid songs. Tupakkakerho was founded in... Lue lisää


Tuesday 06. Julyta 2004

Next week propably

I'm working, i get to go to a summer vacation after i've do one big job. In themiddleofit, i'll probably get the job done by friday. So next week... Lue lisää


Monday 21. Juneta 2004

As days go by

I'm planning on going to my parents' home in joutseno (where i'm from) in mid june (before going to ilosaarirock in joensuu) to record songs for a... Lue lisää