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Suction lines for hydraulic hoses

Hydraulic Pumps are able to draw oil from their reservoirs using hose suction lines. Because they may operate below atmospheric pressure, hydraulic suction hoses are special. If they are not built correctly, they will collapse, starving a pump of oil and ultimately leading to pump failure. Because a higher-pressure hose's inner liner can collapse when exposed to a vacuum, it is not a good idea to replace suction lines with them. Coiled wires are frequently used in hydraulic suction hoses to reinforce the tube and avoid collapse.

The pump may produce high vacuum pressures if a suction strainer is employed that is too small for the flow rate and if the machine is older and the strainer may be partially filled. The size of the suction line must also be determined in relation to the length and flow rate of the hose run. Additionally crucial are the hydraulic fittings used in suction lines. The same may be said for additional parts such as hose protectors, cam and groove hydraulic fittings, and hydraulic adapters. When calculating a pressure drop throughout an assembly, some rules of thumb indicate that 90-degree fittings are equivalent to 6 feet of hydraulic tubing. The best way to ensure the quality of a suction hydraulic hose line is to have an engineer build the machine.
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