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Kirjoittaja Yksi kirjoitusprojekti, joka halusi ilmaista tarinansa, mutta joka on todellinen haaste tulkita lukijoille ja kirjotusta harrastaville ehkä kehittäväkin. Suosittelen yrittämään vaikka olisikin laku aika hankala-

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#1 kirjoitettu 18.01.2012 09:12 Muok:18.01.2012 13:45

I hope we could take this test on a man, reach some?
Research, teach and tape everything that he
is or touches as he's "just walking by" yet meaning
the Meaning of that was too fast to see,
human eyes, now this starts to get where I like to lead
(it, him, them, You)?

Like us would be born this one will:
as an innocent, clean clearminded
that purity with him, one with so "lightweight soul"
to serve something more mighty host for his first tour.

(Now this was first sign from under us that how first creation is made as creating an ideal so maybe He, They or whoever have made it too clean pure and so on cause what it needs now is stains and seductions for all senses that is what allways separates living human from an idol - ideal. Continue

He is raised clearminded by all good means by his relatives.
But he falls, right before their eyes.
Confuses himself, but finds a way to purify again.
And crawls in shit, again. That he has to drag with
him all over but just untill day, he purifies

In this ring to fight for his soul, in this loop
most experienced one's still there
qualify with word "old" like we like to say.
Diseases rip off his health from him
just one he may not think at first.
And that soul, so many times messed and cleaned,
it gets so heavy to carry on with.

(Because, there's memory. Blessed are anyone who's released of it 'cause any mental disabilities
And Yeah, this text, whatever it is intented to be, rolls well now so....)

And someday he collapses as part of what intented
know, try to read how it is but it lefts You like it did to him
suspicious about any "truth".
Presence. Truth was never written nor even a word about
collapsing with style, this time
(shouldn't tell him/her: not yet this time).

In loving arms of so called "death", He is relesead,
redeemed, purified clean and lightweighted again.
And then he joins to soil, to return as it is, now present.
Realises, just in time that is pointed as his home.
Now pointed was true,
but not even yet everything could be devoted.
Only to tell him no, they have their own conspiracys
douptless only use some of him, even when here where
is "no escape"
Oh yes there is, and it's unfolded at time.
Why it's allways about time, they don't know
and never knew but it may relate to place
where following is even possible to take place,
anywhere else it would be like - miracle.
And here or there is none of them.
It's in that word, it's in word's description! and that -
that is one that is forever true, definitions of words.
I take it even as or like my responsibility
(is there this only one left?)
to tell about that to every passing someone, at any moment.

("Collecting pieces of scirptures now together to see them finally speak each other.
Somehow in some clips of that picture it get's heevier to accept it as part of my formal journey's, but I must say, not every corner in my room has so good lightning and there really is reason for that all, and if all is said here now, I'm happy, it wasn't so bad then. But now, take your flashlight and illuminate what is in Your sight"

"Peace is found at end of that travel, we
hope, but yet there's no end at anything that could
be round or 'rounded spiral' like, who knows?"
Yes, those one's that never emerges our beloved
surface again, they do know.

At a rain of an answers we stare at the most shiny info plate
that admits to our fear:
"Stop searching, Look somewhere else. Dead end. No
further information here."

But not for so long about what was and what did
before took place down there,
the Soil now feels pride and joy to give him as new
creation, oh now to all stages, and so loud it proclaims:
"More pure. More light, More clear. More receptive form
of what once was and what is dead as true as this one exists,
with all that strenght, blessings too, this reincarnation is
what and who is meant to be after and next to run trough."

Who flew away, evaporated in the air, has rosen
from storm of soil, purified soul truthful ego, miracle!

(Didn't I say there'll be some light!? If I just help this picture to reveal itself as whole and true to anyone who's kept up until here. This actually speaks more when it get's to these days or script I believe is more near today as a impossibility of time or future as something where I go blindfolded just my self-written guidenotes with me, that, actually, are not that poor You might think based on some lines in this "case" or whatever this is, I know that's important to go all the way to it's last word and mind even final character. No reason to stop now

"this withtakes those ones too near by, like he did
before himself. To show how to serve a perfect death
to what You thought that was You
and every time it reincarnates it's more
More." This game takes as here I say, not only that one
who's going to blow himself beneath and over us
shining supernova, for human life
to shine, just moment like blink of an eye.
Planetary system made just, to make it possible to
"show how to die a perfect death".

("Was there crowd cheering for someone ever? Nevermind, what cames back then at the end like in this scripture too, makes everything better and pays back to You, I know it will do. In this game and only this I never betray my side, allways ready take it to last round:")

He came again as chapter(s) before tolds
in our heritage and for all time and our grief,
You see it was pointless - who ever is ready to
has to go - where ever his next destination is
Who was born and reincarnated can never be afraid
like those who don't, can never understand
Goin Under.
Not this time like worship, but to give up this one to new form.
To slice, beat, cut off and fragment it to floor - ego
and it can take time, to create new whole self there,
Halls of Under.

Like the Soil before proclaimed he made a better one version
superior to what whoever Was now there Is.
And at the time he groves, bigger than himself, to
make it all over again! Yeah, to recess himself in ceremonial way,
most beautiful collapse of men - ever seen anywhere!
Most celebrative burial... to decayed and dissolved ego!

("And if there would be a hint of this writing in and when and while those days with those so special stray people loved to be near me and vice versa, then they would remember: this is part of celebration, and that's how all grief is wiped away...")
("...For those, listening and for more if there's one who believes - now it's near encoré, climax, explanation for all said above, but I think there's no one left to understand, too late for this. But I gave my best, couldn't make it better. There will be no further word about this or how it is but for those who ahd allready seen, even I think some of they are not so sure about what they've seen. But, yes, this is my pride: the shelter I was given by truth my words gave to me. It's all Yours:")

Just swallow what ever word's took to Your hearing You shall devour them my love please

That has to go trough all conditions of inhumane destruction
to make up something even near by human, but every time
every time, and that is promised
every time one dares to go trough process
Yes, that one some still see as "death" like they just see behind...
Lie. Definition - only truth. And a lie constructed by words
of how I hate that way to make those lies out of truths
Abuse of my precious words, my only true beings out
anywhere! Nowhere there's no thing can't be constructed by my words
to be true those all meanings
definitions of all these and those words
cut them in pieces and that one is
(if You like, ok, lets say "the") unknown

And this message stand for loved ones here as I say they don't
and never won't, because what's by these words told, cry.
It's then me that devours with his ways
those ones too near by
like he as I did before to himself.
But I really peg now don't say it's a bad thing?
But now, legacy be strong, going to show them sure
They've gone under and there is no time to measure, so just believe it's true
they come back and better, please now don't desert what I built to us!?
in this situtation to stay in and wonder that chaos outside
I've told You I must keep safe, adore that unknown inside. Definitions of my words.
That's how I see it and we're safe forever - as long as unknown keeps it's place
Faith. No of those here beat my constructure of words
so every character in my court, or just anyone who felt today human
step inside here, there shall be no fear nor sorrow
I bet, that Is not as said upon this: that's now something no soul escapes.
Lets all love it then!?

"And if there was a word left on my floor I pulled it up and share some place here for it too, if it was one of those heroes that made what just happened:"

"because all seeing by was influenced that fortress made it like virus in all I knew and after now just testing first that, If that was then and it was allready something myself was hard to believe in, what can I reach now... this distortion of universe can't mess with truth anymore cause I made this ... orders to construct something more reliable than anything as what word "anything" stands for - could it be so? Those test's... I just ade fun of it, no test, really real. But it doesn't mind to play with simplicities. It matters now if these walls are complex enough to lead that wrong decay away from... no further information, maybe I was just a poor try. Your turn, go ahead!"

JM muokkasi viestiä 13:44 18.01.2012
No, keksin tälle otsikon, jossa kuvataan enemmän. kerron vielä muokaten vähän asiasta, miksi tämä piti julkaista.

JM muokkasi viestiä 13:45 18.01.2012
Koska iso osa tästä on tullut kirjoitettua unissaan. Yleensä pieniä muutaman säkeen tai sanan pituisia muistilappuja. Ja englanniksi. Minä kyllä jouduin tietysti miettimään, että miksi helvetissä kirjoitin unissani noin, mutta ymmärsin ne sanat (siis itse sanat) ja ne sanaparit, jotka tuli yhdellä kertaa. Ongelma on, että ehkä minä itse en ole joko tarpeeksi taitava lukija tai en pääse tarpeeksi kauas tästä teoksesta, vaan se on niin lähellä, että muistan vain pätkien merkityksen ja kokonaisuus jää hieman pimeäksi. Kommenteilla joissa puhuu minä, siis hereillä kirjoitetut pätkät, niiden on tarkoitus selventää, kertoa mitä itse sain "ohjeeksi" ja auttaa eteenpäin. Mutta siinä ne nyt on, kun niitä ei enää tähän tarinaan tule, kun sille tuli tuo päätös.

Omaksi huvikseni se on jo parissa tunnissa tulkittu uhkaukseksi, sekä tiettyä/tiettyjä henkilöitä kohtaan tai uhkaukseksi ihan ketä sattuu kohtaan, ihan vain tarinaksi ilman sen kummempaa pointtia, sitä on pidetty hauskana, tylsänä, sekavana ja kauniina lukea, sen perusteella ollaan suostuteltu hoitoon, sen perusteella ollaan pyydetty kirjoittamaan lisää. Ja ties mitä vähemmän merkityksellisiä kommentteja. Niin jos siitä kerran saa niin monta eri fiilistä ja niin monta eri asiaa tulkittua irti, niin ei se voi ihan tyhjänpäiväinen olla. Siksi julkaisin tässäkin.

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