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Kirjoittaja Chemichalstreet: angel of all knowledge

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#1 kirjoitettu 29.02.2012 13:56

Chemichalstreet: angel of all knowledge

Were all decayed geniuses here in these suburbs, but only few one knows about it. But spirit flows so willingly at sunny days between concrete walls. There's also angel in my house I invented by an accident and it made like it's home because I saw it loving this place. It's fauvorite place in my flat is floating between my fauvorite speakers. Sometimes, it tooks an tremoring effect at it's voice, it likes to play my effects at the way I like it also.There's 4 different dimensions like tracks in my head that can be played at the same time. One of them is mt very own track, myself, one for outer world and it's voices and two for that angel so that it can take an stereo-space effects if want's to. I love to be that way, it's not mental disease as it's sometimes categorized. it's just mental disability for those who don't have it. I don't think those people as lower beings but I have to admit that sometimes when all channels bring all that knowledge I pity them, yes. As I said, four tracks, no more would be needed, it would just confuse information and my capability to receive it. Most of my days, I just keep receiving that singing andd some say I do nothing, but that's actually when I'm working most hard. But I couldn't work less than that work takes. Rhat's why life here seems to be so burn-out style and it is, ambulances keep going every day and night I look outside, or wlk up or down at this chemichal street where my address tooks place. I know it sounds stupid and crazy to do, but once that angel arrived, it was last nail to my coffin to stay here and promise to not to leavy before my corpse takes some other form trought underground transformation prosess I wrote about. So, keep summoning, invoking your own angels to Your place and some day it will come, The ultimate Bless, and You need npthing more, all common stuff turns irrelative and Your every action turns to holy service. It's also Your only and ultimate enjoyment, You loose all other ways to enjoy anything but You also turn to that voice and admit to it that You have allready forgotten them and miss norhing. Were all geniuses, but it takes that action and door, and key, turn Your whole town, village, upside town to reach it and You will find it - actually, it just comes to You. And It makes place to rest forever for You at it's covers for that day You just get too tired for all that. Smile is so nice when sleep takes place at everlasting night's dark shelter. And before You lay down there You can enjoy It singing all knowledge at your channels. Don't resist, don't be suspicious, turn like a child at most adventure and believe and then everything is at it's place, beatyful chemichal ghetto. I try to tranlate what it was like last time: It's in finnish, holy language of songs,m but I try:
"Again:"You can be overdosed by it, in here in this multiversum space - at the other side"
'"You can be overdosed by it, in here in this multiversum space - at the other side"
Deliriumgleanjewel on it just reposes at sunshine
poses allreay at mirrors

Open, my fauvorite flat deck
meadow deck, deck of wilderness
No more I couldn't work
and no less I would keep giving

I said it in way
that I could answer nothing to it
At frostblaze lays gapdeck
Make my shadow at second sky
and You draw my figure like in floating smoke
at prayingposition

that we move from hand to another
and hope it multiplies itself like that
At first I tried to do something else
but at last I felt in love with those symbols
I know it won't tell everything translated in english, 'cause some of keywords keeps at minimum three diffirent meanings in finnis, but that's one of those interpretations I can give about that. So, do You know it's really worth it all? That my angel gave to me?

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Siis uudelkleen
:"Siitä ,voi olala ihan övereis, tääl multiversumi tilas"
toisella puolen

"Siitä ,voi olala ihan övereis, tääl multiversumi tilas"
Nostelevat sitten ku joutelevat. sanoo pohjaan ajautuva alus

deliriumkiiltokoru päällä paistattelee

asennoissa jo peilissä

Avaudu mieleiseni lakea kansi
aukio kansi, metsäkansi
enempää en olisi voinut töitä tehä
vähempää ei antamaan taivu

sanoin sen niin etten
siihen mitään osannut sanoa
pakkaslumeassa paistattele välikansi
varjoni tee kohti seuraavaa taivasta

sinä kuin savuun varjooni piirrät
minut rukousasentoon

se minkä siirrämme kädestä toiseen
ja toivomme sen kertautuvan

yritin aluksi jotain muuta tehdä
mutta rakastuin noihin merkkeihin

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