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The simplest truths are those at which man arrives later. (Ludwig Feuerbach)

When my Master, the Illuminated Jesus, said “let the children come to me”, in fact, he meant that to understand his lessons it was necessary to let aside all the preconceived ideas in order to see things as they are.

For that reason, if for a moment we become children, we will be able to accept, like the most natural thing of the world, that the Creator is the one who has communicated and the dialogues that appear in this book are real. Things are much simpler, just man complicates them.

Someone once had the idea that God needed intermediaries and invented the church, and so religions emerged. This was a way to manipulate mankind: "Nobody can talk to God if not through us," they said. And of course they added: "The only truth that exists is ours." Later, besides sending to the stake a lot of people who thought differently, they also invented prayers, that are nothing other than requests to God to grant us something to that we yearn for. But the silliness is not in the inability to communicate with the Creator, but on the inability to grant us everything we ask, because even the Absolute is limited by his own rules. You have the privilege of being among the first humans who know this material. It must be a reason. Perhaps you have earned that right. As the Creator said to us, nothing is casual and everything has a reason.

When reading these dialogues, please take into account the following:

1) It is the medium who, through his decoder, translates the spiritual concepts into words. Therefore, it is important trying to capture the spirit behind the words.

2) No incarnated being, from this planet or any other planet of the universe, is wise in all matters. No one, except the Absolute, knows everything of everything. This means that if the medium answers giving true data to everything what is asked, he is not in fact the one responding. So, what a big mistake would be to think that a medium can be the reincarnation of God. Not even Master Jesus was Him, but because being an extraordinary medium, the greatest of all, he translated with great fidelity the teachings of the Father. This turns down any idea that the medium can be inventing all, simply because this kind of answer cannot be invented. It does not exist, I repeat, a human being who has all the answers.

In all these years I have conveyed, or more accurately, translated, spiritual concepts of many spiritual entities, even of the highest levels, as Divine Energies, Elohim and Essences, and many times, they have stated not having the answer to some specific question.

Those same questions were asked to EON and He immediately responded. This is very important to take into account when evaluating, according to your free will, the true origin of the messages. And here I conclude this prologue, after a brief introduction by Professor Velmont and my own daughter, because they are who ultimately have to give testimony to the truth.

Jorge R. Olguin


It’s easier to break an atom than a preconception. (Albert Einstein)

Humor, as love, is part of the Creation. (EON)

August 30, 2001 was for mankind a sublime milestone. For the first time in its history it was communicated, through a medium, the Absolute, that Master Jesus called the Father, and has been named in different ways, God, Creator, Supreme, the Almighty, etc.. To us, He presented himself as EON, suggestive name because it means "time", "eternity". Perhaps many were surprised that He has communicated with us, but in fact, if we think about it, strange it would be, if He had not done it so. From the Big Bang to our present time have passed nearly 15 billion years - so, it’s getting closer to the time when the universe will begin to shrink - and it would be quite absurd to believe that we have to wait the same amount of time or more so that when the universe collapses in the Big Crunch, the Creator will explain to us the truth about our existence.

Besides, who has not ever dreamed of the opportunity to suggest to the Creator to put more attention every time He creates a universe, or next time He creates another, not to do anything without first consulting us?

Well, now that the opportunity exists, and if the Creator listens to us, our experience would be useful at the end of the 40 billion years of evolution, perhaps the next Big Bang is truly a work of which He (or She maybe, who knows) can feel really proud of. Some of you may think that a preamble tinged with humor, in a work of such magnitude as this, is an irreverence, but those who think that way, forget that the Creator is the Supreme Comedian, being my little humor nothing more than a humble tribute. And if anyone doubts the great humor of the Creator, just think that only a great comedian could have created the human race… or, am I mistaken?

Horacio Velmont


Taking a new step is what people fear most. (Dostoyevski)

As it always happens with human beings, there will be those who, displaying their inherent skepticism, will read these dialogues and reject them out of hand, claiming that it is an impossibility that the Creator could have communicated. There will also be those who accept the messages as truly being from the Supreme Maker, but those fortunate people will certainly be the less.

And I say fortunate, because I assume that their belief have a certain dose of understanding that emerged from intelligence rather than ingenuousness arising from ignorance. And also it will be those who are doubtful about whether or not the Absolute has been manifested through mediumship, who in this lifetime, assumed the role of my father, and whom you know as Professor Jorge Olguin.

A German writer once said that if Jesus had not existed and his messages had been invented, the end result would be the same, because what matters is the message, not who provides it. And this does not go in decline to the beloved Master, because Jesus himself always said that his teachings were not from him but from whom he was sent. Now suppose that my father has a lot of ingenuity and he "imagines" the messages. Leaving aside the impossibility of anyone, except the Absolute, having all the answers, the end result would be the same, because the only valid question should not be whether or not it is the Creator who has communicated, but if the message has or not validity. If the message has no value, is obvious that has no relevance to speculate on who had given it. And if the message has value, it doesn’t matter who the author was, because the message itself is valuable.

Anyhow, I humbly think that only a little common sense is enough to realize that only the Creator himself could give those answers that humanity has yearned to know since the beginning of time: who are we, where do we come from and where are we going.

Jessica Olguin


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