Mikseri on musiikkiyhteisö,
jossa voit kuunnella, ladata ja arvostella suomalaista musiikkia,
lisätä rajattomasti biisejä, luoda oman artistisivun, kerätä arvosteluja ja faneja


It's the End.

Never can say hello again.

I don't even regonize you anymore.

I don't remember appearance of your face.

Can't look in your eyes and ask "how do you do?".

When someone's dead it's impossible to meet never again.

Unspoken words don't come out of mouth.

Unseen things don't come visible to blind eyes.

Broken dreams don't become whole and shining.

Broken heart don't beat a single beat in the rythm of lies.

Legs that are paralyzed don't run by past friend they just fall.

It's the end. (c)NIXU20


Blue Eyes



I love Slow Mornings, Good & Flavory BreakFast.

Spicy food, Good Wines.

Love Ur touch.

It's Not the Music, It's the Feel'n' Beat.

I Know It From The First Sight . . . Like It Or Not!

Cats, Clouds, Strawberries, Grapes, Touch of White Fur,

Sinatra, Herbie Hancock, PCD

U Can't never get close enough that u would know me well...

So, don't ever bother. *Giggles* ;))

I Won't ever Tell nothing about Me :)

It's better jump head first. So your neck will 100% broken.

Even still hands and legs will be shaking half hour after falling...

It's nice to see movement even after jump.


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