The alchemist

Abigail | 21.12.2004 | Power Metal

From the first demo "Driven by madness"

9.10   2490 kuuntelua


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Delinom 08.03.2006
This is THE best power metal song in mikseri.

Just wondering that is there any new material coming anytime. Or do you have your song in some other site??
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jjkulmo 05.01.2006
Great song, great singer!
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Norman Bass 01.12.2005
Me and 2of my kids (ages 6 and 4) liked a lot of this one, I think ´cause my kids were eating at the kitchen and they heard this song, they came immediately close to computer and asked me ; dad from where dose this come from and who are these people/what is this band.

I like the female voice a lot and the sound of guitar is tough. also the others do they job fine and with skill. Song is great, too. Yes.
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Paintaster 07.11.2005
This is one hell-of-a-song!!! It´s one of the greatest power-metal songs in Mikseri (if not the greatest). Awesome!
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