Ruins inside us

Aeuk | 17.01.2019 | Death/Thrash


Example song about two things: The Amiga era guitarsamples (really ancient ones) were truly coming to their end in tracked metal use, yet somehow I still ended up using them here and there, as in this song. This song is quite a weird combination of those Amiga era guitarsamples and 1997-98 guitarsamples done by Corpse - with some guitarsamples recorded by myself thrown in. Quite a chaotic mixture. Well, this fits in a t twisted way ... for the another matter for which this song is a good example: Behind that certain kind of "Amiga" styled heavy/rock tunes you can sense the growing need to create the kind of (extreme) metal which I liked back then (and still do). Especially towards the end of this song that certain kind of "brutality" is easily spotted.

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