Powers of Satan

Antipope | 20.09.2011 | Heavy Metal
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The World Coming Down singlen B-puoli. Todella saatanallinen teos!

9.33   282 kuuntelua

Kappaleen sanat

Satan, master, I beseech thee
Give me the strength and understanding
Open the gates to the other side
At the moment of death, don’t forsake me

Lord Lucifer, I give myself to thee
Lord Lucifer, the Whore, and the Beast
Guide my every step on precarious path of life
Into my destiny on the hot winds I ride

In the circle of candles one and ten
I summon thee by the holy blood of virgin
I offer up the black cat and the goat
And defile the image of the god crucified

Lord Lucifer…

Powers of Satan flow through my veins
The armies of demons obey my command
Powers of Satan, horned one prevails
Master of the Earth, Lord of the flies


Lord Lucifer…

Powers of Satan…


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