Antti Liar

Borderline | 11.05.2012 | Punk

Somebody's Just Anti-Liar, Somebody Else's Antti The Liar,
Usually Andy Ain't No Liar, But That Andy's Antti The Liar,
He Put Up Such A Filthy Show, We Just Wondered What Why How?
His Mouth Would Blow His Back Would Glow, We Were Shocked How He Had To Go..
__You Are Such A Liar, A Pathological Liar__
He Fell From A Skate He crashed His Car, He Broke His Hand Or His Very Long Nose,
2 Jobs Full Of Debts = Zanzibar!? He Gets In The Car, Gasses And Goes,
Antti Wasn't Truly Into Rock, But Into Some Stinky Mock,
Offered A Lift But Escaped With The Truck, Kill The Sea Jump Off A Dock

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