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All me

"we are in russia we have no massia"

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I can see the last train leaving
I couldn't get on it
cause your money wasn't worth two tickets
I waved you goodbye
you kissed me through the frozen window
with nothing inside

we were the only thing that mattered in this world
but the world got between us
i'll never forget
the day when you said
you said goodbye

you left me here wondering
wondering why
you were the one who got to go
wondering will you find
sone other girl
who can show you the world

the trains go down their tracks
and i don't have you by my side
my eyes still open wide
but too blind to see
the tragedy in me
thats left from you

Sanat Emma
Sävellys Emma


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rankkaveli 14.08.2006
chillii piano pimputusta ja hyvä ääni jatka samaan malliin:)
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